Wars and Windmills

11 February 2006

Lights and Spikes

a question old as middle-earth:

who would win if a dolphin grappled a unicorn? what beast would triumph if the peaceful passing of two magnificent creatures under a rainbow was brought to fisticuffs?

it seems that the lopsidedness of this battle is obvious and highly inappropriate. a mystical, and in all probability, magic filled golden horn against a mere blow-hole...sad really. however, give the dolphin a set of lights (lights that may or may not flash in distracting patterns) and a set of fin spikes and what would normally be a boring melee, just got interesting.

next up...bee-vs-dolphin


  1. Awesome. Awesome.
    Thank you.

  2. Dangrond...

    from whence did you summon this piece of magic?

    And who dressed the dolphin up? It would be tough to latch on fin-razors without the use of an opposable thumb (or grasping hand, for that matter).

    This encounter must be human sponsored...how inhumane.


  3. Laying aside possible conjectures as to the origin of the fin razors, I applaud the artist's acute pertinance in placing this preternatural fisticuffs to the death under the sagacious eye of the rainbow. There's also the question of terrain... is it a land or a sea battle? Clearly, the artist has remained silent on this point, allowing the viewer to determine for himself which worthy beast will deem himslef worthy to be garlanded with approbation and to quaff deep from the victor's chalice.