Wars and Windmills

24 June 2006


A few life updates are probably in order...

i am engaged...she is cool times 10 millions of billions

i have recently taken employment at Overstock.com writing copy (taking after the talented Elaine Bennice, though my employer is ten shades of boring compared to hers).

i now prospect for gold whenever i have a free afternoon...honestly.

i found some.

i have faithfully followed the world cup and have this to say about it all: How can a sporting event that halts a civil war, is worshiped by every nation (sans one), is commercial free, and motivates governments to give half-holidays on the day their team plays, be seen as anything but glorious entertainment served up like so much pipin' hot pizza to the masses?

My most recent play-list:

  • Outlaw Song by 16 horsepower
  • Mercy by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Tank Park Salute by Billy Bragg
  • Muzzle of Bees by Wilco
  • A House by Doves
  • Modern World (Original Recording) by Wolf Parade
  • Dirty Girl by Eels
  • Dying of the Pines by the Gourds
  • Crosses by Jose Gonzalez
  • When I Go Deaf by Low
  • My Only Friend by Deadsy
  • All Mixed Up by the Red House Painters
  • Ghostwriter by RJD2
  • 10:1 by Rogue Wave
  • A Guiding Light by Smog
  • Something To Look Forward To by Spoon
  • Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by Bob Dylan
  • Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses

mostly, that is all


  1. they mostly come out at night...mostly.

    isn't the world cup just grand? i am only a little upset about the hour difference of this world cup because the only games I can catch are on the weekends...and I am more than a little upset at ESPN for not re-broadcasting all the games in the evening. I did manage to go to work late (only to stay home for america's elimination), and i conveniently caught the Flu last saturday which kept me in bed for 2 straight (5 games...stellar)..but you are right: served up like the pipin' hot Za of my sleep...remeniscent of our bygone days at Pizza University in Brindese, Italy, where I majored in toppings and crust and your emphasis was in tossing with a minor in sausage.

  2. Oh, Dangrond--i'm glad you got back to me...and that you reminded me. ESPN360.com is streaming the final rounds of World Cup. It is a thing to behold...just leave a little browser window open up in the corner, one eye on your text and one eye on the bottle (i mean, the futbol).

    ridin' in my rocket, lookin' for pizza: pizza rocket..

    you can flag me down with a slice of pizza: pizza rocket. pizza rocket.

    call me friday


  3. She is lucky times 10 millions of billions.