Wars and Windmills

19 December 2006

As of Late...

i don't know if it was the fact that we were in Gay Pari that she looks so happy, or that she is eating a sugary treat. my guess is the latter. but what do i know?

Paris was all that could be expected, with the added bonus of seeing that face looking that happy for a week straight, which was all the sugary treat i needed to have the trip be well worth it. but, i might be remiss if i failed to mention that we did stop at a bakery for a "start the day right" pastry every morning, so still the query remains, was it Paris or a simple treat that made my wife smile so blithely? as with the riddle of the Tootsie Pop...the world may never know.

as of late my most recent indulgence has been watching two seasons and one half of House M.D. and enjoying sardonic wit at its very finest.

Also, i have been catching up on the most recent season of 24. which, though sometimes far fetched and formulaic, i enjoy, much to the chagrin of some of my friends.

The only problem with having cable and all these shows is i haven't sat down and read a book in months. I feel as though i have betrayed my roots, and exposed my real lazy, mindlessly entertained self. But i have, due to an hour long drive to work and an hour long drive home, amassed a ever growing Audible recorded books library. Through that i have read (can you call it reading?): Don Quixote, The Prestige (the movie made me curious), Metamorphosis, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Angela's Ashes, The Count of Monte Cristo, and re-read A Short History of Nearly Everything, Billy Collins Live, Ender's Game, and Ender's Shadow. But all that doesn't beat sitting down, artifact in hand and indulging in actual text.

i have also in the past few months indulged in a quasi-homage to movies from my childhood by watching some movies that struck me as nougat filled gold when i was only a wee lad, and making a list of the rest that i would like to revisit. i was reluctant for a long time to do this. i was worried that watching these movies now, with a far more critical, if not borderline spiteful distain for all things cheesy and not with the blindly open arms of a child would somehow taint their memory, but i found so far that while i am not as immersed in the film as in the days of yore, i still enjoy the memories.

I started by watching Ladyhawk was the first step as it was easily accessible. the movie must have been where the use of synthesizer was born, if not it must assuredly be where the movement met its acme. and if the film weren't based in the 18th century, perhaps the laser sounds wouldn't have stood out, nay jumped out as much.

a few other ones on the list are Wizard with the ever adorable Fred Savage and is pretty much a two hour commercial for Nintendo, Flight on the Navigator, The Last Star Fighter, Labyrinth (where i first heard the Thin White Duke), Secret of Nimh and more.

any other ideas?

Also in late March i discovered Tony Soberon. and to this day the man makes me laugh out loud:

As of late i have also gained too many pounds to care to count. i had to go buy new fatter jeans...a very embarrassing and demoralizing day.


  1. It was the treats...most definitely the treats. ;) And by the look of that picture...Darren isn't the only one who has put on some pounds. Oh well, if that's what being happily married does for you. Paris was PERFECT! Just as I'd dreamed and imagined. Thank you Darren!

  2. Ahem...I PREFER sword fights by synthesizer, thank you very much. And since you asked, may I recommend The Dark Crystal ...another odd shaped but tasty nugget of that era. Maybe I like it because I personally know some Podlings....who knows.

  3. so, ben and i did the movies of our youth thing not too long ago. most of the movies on your list were involved. might i suggest Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Labyrinth for your viewing pleasure?

  4. one mustn't forget willow. i mean willow, darren, willow.


  5. i watched all of 16 candles the other day.
    long duk dong and all the fellas had me going.

    did you ever see moving violations? i loved that one.