Wars and Windmills

09 February 2007

Left Field

I unearthed this gem during a random sweep of YouTube. I have an affinity towards animation of this sort, and Balance is minimalist stop-motion animation at its very finest. It was done by the twin German Lauenstein brothers in 1989.

I also really enjoy anything from Don Hertzfeldt. He has done some amazingly odd things, Rejected, is probably his best. Also, another set of twins, The Brothers Quay. Very fine stop motion animators, though not as light hearted as Don's stuff, not even at all.


  1. What does this mean?

  2. Good find.

    Yeah, I would say the Brothers Quay dabble in liquid terror and nothing else.

    Those puppets have been sending me eye-knives since the early 80's.

  3. I watched all 7+ minutes of this deal and all I can say is...Those brothers have way too much time on their hands. Give them a few chores!