Wars and Windmills

19 February 2007

Some Treats

Here are a few recently purchased songs, and some old favorites offered up pipin' hot with all your favorite toppings for your listening enjoyment. That brings to mind the old maxim: There is no better thing then a free song to sit and digest upon; except, of course, a free slice of hot 'zza.

The Orchids--Califone


Half Ghost--Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

We're No Here--Mogwai

My Body is a Cage
--Arcade Fire's soon to be released album Neon Bible

Enjoy, or not...or just think they're okay.


  1. The baritone guit-fiddle of Mew is always good, even if it is on an X-Games commercial.

    Sooo...you spell 'Za with 2 Zs, do you?

  2. Nice sharing. You need to teach me how to do that. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is one of my favorite band names ever. I enjoy sentence or phrase names for bands.

    I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
    Also, a favorite.

    I listened to Special again. That's a great song.

    Not to change the discussion but have either of you listened to VietNam? They got a bunch of hype suddenly and I think they suck.

    Much like the actual war sucked.

  3. two z's, one z? sausage or pepperoni? pan or hand tossed crust? pizza, it makes you strain sometimes.

    i have given the Vietnam a listen, and i wasn't a fan either, not at all. And it was the name of both the aformentioned bands that drew me to the them, far more clever then say the Dave Matthews Band.

  4. I have to disagree with you guys *shockah* on the issue of band names...and I am not doing this to be my regular snarky jerk self--I know that playing the "take the opposing stance" card gets old, but I sincerely disagree with you both. This is not argument for argument's sake.

    I think Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness are absolutely pathetic, pseudo-thespian approaches to giving your band a certain persona. They almost make me as mad as Pretty Girls Make Graves (which also irritates me because it is a shameless Smiths ape). They all smack of some ridiculous goth opinings--like phrases you would find etched on a Trapper Keeper in a 7th grade Lit class.

    I don't think a band name should be capable of diagraming. The whole subject/predicate schtick just pisses me off. Why is it that you two always touch upon the nerves that hurt me most? It must be willfull. And heartless.

    *sniff...If only Chic Handsome were here...*

    Some good band names:
    Mastodon, Silver Jews, Pavement, Iron and Wine, The Locust, Daughters, Talking Heads, Can, Captain Beefheart, The Mothers of Invention, Helmet, Trans Am, Tortoise, The Highwaymen, The Bangles, Cream, The Dirty Three, Coil---something with a static image, not a phrase muttered over the phone by a marginally depressed boy in women's jeans.

  5. damn joe...my appologies, and i see your point.

  6. kelly mccaleb11:02 AM


    ok, i'll stop yelling. but let me explain. i've easily attached faces from my own life to each character as i read.
    lana= nancy, the owner of dcwv, inc.
    jones= oh, i've known many a jones.
    gonzalez= every restaurant manager that cared too much about his crappy joy i've ever had. but for the sake of this guy having only one face, i chose jose, since he is also latino.
    i could go on.
    but i couldn't give a face to ignatius. not yet. but as i was getting to the meat of the book i was getting antsy. where the hell was his face? i tried to console myself saying, "he's just one of a kind, you've never known anyone quite like ignatius." but deep down i knew that was a lie, because i did know him. ireally did...but from where.

    now here's the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky....could he be....ME?

    let's examine:

    educatedly lays around the house disgusted with the thought of submitting to this damned country's idea of a "real job", which both he and i know is code for "selling out"= ME

    refusing to wear anything that is not perfectly functional/comfortable/nostalgic without thought to what others might think of said ensemble, and for that matter thinking we, (DARREN< I"M CALLING US "WE"!!!),are kind of the real deal stylistically for not giving a crap and wearing what feels good= ME

    oh treats! doughnuts! cakes! jelly filled goodness! we are one in the same on that note. and in the princess like selfishness, same note there too. oh that we had a few less pressing matters, less things to worry on, less health problems- oh that we had time to think about anyone other than ourselves and the grave injustices the world around us deals. (that freaking fortuna, what next, huh?)

    need i even mention the love that we share for generations past....the days when women knew their place, men worked their own land, and earthiness abounded...(hey, we have painted it any way we've liked in our minds. all we know is the world has gone to hell and it is the work of the latest centuries).

    AND THIS ONE MAY BE THE SCARIEST...prepare yourself...working from home on a "masterpiece"- the work is slow. the results no one is quite sure of. but in our brilliant minds we are getting ready to change the world.

    NO, I LIED. THIS ONE IS THE SCARIEST. two words= the valve. darren, I HAVE THE VALVE TOO. that's in fact, when the true basis of this fictional character was revealed to me. ignatius' mother spatted out "you the onl' one got you a valve" and i almost shouted back at the words "no he isn't miss lady!" yes, i have that valve too. horrible people often make it shut, thus resigning me to lay around and sob that i have such health issues, that i am being thwarted from my life's work. do you understand the scrapbook pages that remain unfinished when my valve has been shut? oh the horror.

    and now you know. ignatius reilly was written based on me. how mr. toole found all his information about me, i do not know, and i shall be taking legal action. and now i am only left to go sob over the awfulness of it. oh! my valve just shut!HELP ME DARREN!!!!

  7. kelly mccaleb12:11 PM

    oh there's more.

    the filth that i (i mean, ignatius) is so offended and vocal about...oh the filth! yet i know why he must be so vocal...
    because i'm (i mean he's) actually quite drawn to it...

    and that filthy mark twain...

  8. kelly! that is hilarity at its finest...you are simpatico with I.T.Riley! well i guess there are worse people to be comparable to in literature.

  9. kelly mccaleb7:41 PM

    yes, like cathy...
    or charles..
    or cain....

  10. Really guys...why must you debate things that are purely opinion? It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If you like a band, and it pleases you to hear their noise spewing forth from your iPod...who the hell cares what their name is?

    And to be fair, new bands are at a disadvantage. The Beatles (with an A) is already taken.

    And frankly, since I spend a lot of time with junior high kids who are writing things on notebooks, I think that Chaucer (and this is said with much love, of course) is underestimating the power of the teenage soul. I have found that most are quite soulful. And not all of them full of angst either.

  11. debating things that are purely opinion and are as pointless as a poo-taco are the ties that bind us

  12. Sorry Lindsey. But please don't divest me of the sweetest plum: the forum to haggle over minutia with your hubby...I just meant to state my opinion, which happened to be opposed to the hound'ses'es.

    And Linds (if I might be so casual, or "cajj"), I don't doubt the power or sincerity of the teenage soul, but i have never seen a compendium of Jr. High notebook scrawlings included in any literary canon. But I will keep looking.

    I was really basing that comment off of what I wrote on my trapper keepers at that age, which was usually a hybrid of Nine Inch Nails and Yes lyrics.


  13. I don't know if I do agree, Joe. How many boring "The (insert clever ambiguously cool name here)" bands have been created?

    The Beatles
    The Rolling Stones
    The Doors
    The Clash
    The The

    I could say any "The" band bores me. It's been done so I hope I never see it again. But a name doesn't define anything. Sentence long or one word moniker.

    So then that leaves non descriptive opaque names without attending articles.


    Then the clever and funny names:

    Sun Kil Moon
    Soul Coughing
    Death Cab for Cutie
    The Dandy Warhols
    Built to Spill
    Modest Mouse
    TV on the Radio

    So everything is used up. Sure, there's the self-named (Sufjan Stevens, Cat Stevens) and the name plus band (Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, Steve Miller and the Silver Bullet Band, Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's) but now what?

    !!!, right? And +/-, of course. 311, maybe?

    I thought sentence and phrase names were just a little refreshing and fun.

    ...and you shall know them by the trail of their dead.

    I thought it was hilarious the first time I heard of them. If I actually liked their music, it would have been better. Of course, as soon as it's new, it's old. So "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness" is following in a vein. I hate their music, too. But I like a bold, completely unmarketable name. Like Prince. The symbol for my band is a tilde.

    James and the ~

  14. Shamus Said:

    "Steve Miller and the Silver Bullet Band"

    I am laughing at you Jimmy.

    I like the "non-descriptive opaque names without attending articles". That is just me. Joe. I have a non-descriptive and opaque attitude toward life, carpet on my heart, and an empty pizza box in my soul.

  15. damn it, i wrote that in a hurry and now I completely undermined myself. I don't listen to that barroom rock anyway.

    Miller, Seger, stupid Joe and his attentive eye...