Wars and Windmills

02 March 2007

Safety Is Not Guaranteed

I can say this with only the slightest tinge of hyperbole: this is the GREATEST THING I HAVE BEHELD IN MY LIFE

In other news...

What happens when an uninformed news network in North Dakota attempts to inform a frightened populace of an upcoming epidemic?

A) Greater understanding
B) The greatest mockery of Emo to date
C) Fodder for those who want to annex the state to Canada
D) All of the above

Safety is not guaranteed in time travel, or in EMO. Pass it on.
(Insert "The More You Know" music with accompanying shooting star graphic and Mayim Bialik here...)


  1. Oh, Darren.

    "This is a really special day."

    -Grizz from 30 Rock

    Thank you, thank you for sharing those gems with me and Valerie. It's like we don't believe that you can bless our lives more but then...

    Now what else can we start hysteria about in some small community?

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  3. interested in a lifestyle change Joe?

  4. no, I was hoping there were instructions on undoing emo-ness. I am actually beginning to enjoy life, and I no longer fit in even the largest women's jeans.

    good emo band names:

    E.M.O. Speedwagon
    Finding Emo
    Brian Emo
    Emo Therapy

  5. Don't forget:

    Sam BEMO's Iron and Whine
    DiEMO (Dio)

    As my brother Craig said, "I wish my grass were emo, so it would cut itself."

    Did anyone catch that the song they were listening to was mocking Emos and they didn't seem to get it? I've never squirmed under so much irony before.

  6. I took the EMO survey and it told me I wasnt Emo. Im so Emo-Depressed, Im going to cut myself now.

  7. I went to that same site ytmnd.com and found this gem.

    The guy's voice starts out a little annoying at first but the letter is ridiculous.