Wars and Windmills

06 April 2007

The Deluxe Van Dyke Please

You know, I would be far more apt to host advertisements on my blog (like blogger keeps trying to get me to do) if the ads were more like ones I found while reading comic books and Boys Life in the halcyon of my youth. Back in the days when ads were often far more entertaining then the cheap merchandise they delivered; which is the second greatest trick the devil ever pulled...x-ray glasses, *sigh*.

These gems were unearthed at these THREE GREAT SITES.


  1. Good finds here - I sure missed out on the Hitler Stamp craze.

    I think I was around seven years old when I ordered some mice from one of those ads. Excitingly, they were "indistinguishable from real mice, obeying your every command."
    Naturally I talked my sister into ordering one as well, and we would muse over how our newly acquired slaves would serve us.

    I will never forget the day they arrived. Somehow both of our mice were defective. They were entirely inanimate and had long strings tied to their faces. This was clearly not shown in the ad - it would obviously hamper their autonomous movement.

    It was a dark day.

  2. that sad story makes me wonder if perhaps we should then start a petition to make those ads THE greatest trick the devil ever pulled.

    I think we have a strong case.

  3. Nostalgia derailing me...

    I don't know if the following is in your magical link, but this ad still upsets me (the circled one).

  4. YES! that isn't my link, but I remember that hover-vehicle well...mean, just mean.

  5. That damn hover vehicle! Boy's Life! Curse you for not censoring that crap. How many were duped? How many? Answer me, Boy's Life!

  6. i had visions of myself, stonewashed jeans perfectly pegged, cruising to skool on a sheet of air: the same air that tossed my hair back away from my Jr. Ray Ban's so all the 4th grade girls would give me a look. I would have locked it to the bike rail with everyone else's bikes, where it would have shone as the aluminum jewel it was supposed to be. It would have waited faithully for me, like a labrador retriever, until the celestial ring of the 3:00 PM bell, when I would descend from class on high to once again ride the winds home, like Zephyr, to the splendor of 131 Birch Ave.

    Hey, Boy's Life..What the hell ever happened to trustworthy, loyal, and helpful?

  7. Ah, Boy's Life...good at providing animal assault stories, not so good at providing a legitimate market for advanced vehicle prototypes.

    I shared in the dreams and was duped as well.

  8. hey...did you snag that new profile pic off of the 365 Day Music Project page? I was once using that very image...


  9. I did, quite a while ago. very odd, and not the first time you and I have had similar picture ideas. I think we posted the "Stereo" picture the same day on our respective other blogs.