Wars and Windmills

28 May 2007

Got You Covered

Nothing has more potential to amaze and infuriate like a cover song. No matter what is done, someone will be upset that a lesser band desecrated their beloved tune. Yet, on the heads side of the cover-song-coin there are those lauding the tune as better than the original. I have felt both. I have also felt a happy mean. It is a discriminating task to qualify why some covers are so utterly delectable, while others are far better left unearthed. Personally, I enjoy a cover that serves up something new to the table. I am a glutton that enjoys a savory and eclectic feast. But, I know what I like, and unless you are offering a seasoned steak to my salted pork, I would rather just stick with what I know I like. While this alone isn't quite enough to make a determination, it is a quality that all the songs listed below offer. This list is not definitive.

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley originally by Leonard Cohen.

No one has made a cover more their own since people thought Dylan was covering Hendrix.

Speaking of:

All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix originally by Bob Dylan

Ocean Breathes Salty by Sun Kil Moon originally by Modest Mouse.

The guitar tone in this song is perfect...just perfect.

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams originally by Oasis

A sad song made sadder.

Hurt by Johnny Cash originally by Nine Inch Nails

Here's to Johnny...

Mad World by Gary Jules originally by Tears For Fears

I was minding my own business watching Donnie Darko...when WHAM (a la Batman) this song smacked me in my face. Be careful, it is too good.

Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine originally by Postal Service

Simplicity incarnate. Bastardized by Zach Braff

Life on Mars by Seu Jorge originally by David Bowie

Bowie in acoustic Portuguese...timeless.

Twist and Shout by The Beatles originally by Top Notes

They can do no wrong. Lennon's vocals are stellar.

Hearbeats by Jose Gonzalez originally by The Knife

Hot damn...

Covers I Loathe:
American Pie by Madonna originally by Don Mclean
Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm originally by Micheal Jackson
Faith by Limp Bizkit originally by George Michael
Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit originally by The Who
Sweet Child O' Mine by Sheryl Crow originally by Guns 'N Roses
Papa Don't Preach by Kelly Osbourne originally by Madonna
My Prerogative by Brittney Spears originally by Bobby Brown
Take My Breath Away by Jessica Simpson originally by Berlin
Downtown Train by Rod Stewart originally by Tom Waits
Video Killed the Radio Star by The Presidents of the United States of America
I'm A Believer by Smash Mouth originally by Neil Diamond

Et al...

21 May 2007


I am very cognizant of my almost preternatural inability to avoid the steady gaze of Murphy and his damnable Law. However, because of this knowledge I have developed over the years a kind of foresight, or spider sense that keeps relatively me safe. It's not strong enough to garner a call from the X-Men or anything, but it has served me well thus far.

Perhaps a example of my ability would be appropriate.

Some friends and I were caravaning to Vegas. I was following and pulled up behind him, in his rear wheel drive truck, in a right turning lane. I knew when he realized he was turning at the wrong street and would therefore need to go straight, that something bad was about to happen, and only to me. I knew it, and even said something. Everyone in the car laughed. They laughed even harder when the rock flew up from his rear wheel and put a massive crack in my windshield. I knew.

Welcome to the quagmire that I am treading, and often drowning, in.

I try and learn from these experiences and avoid situations that could easily allow the villainous gremlins, ones that I apparently fed after midnight, to do me harm. Now, having said that, I have felt for a long time that motorized recreational vehicles should be avoided at all costs. The reasons should be quite evident at this point. Those vehicles offer nothing a seething chasm of pain and decapitation, riddled with angry anti-Darrens awaiting their chance to join the fray. And it all is so very easily avoidable. Therefore, due to a strict avoidance policy, I have eluded serious bodily harm for quite some time. I have, however, had to face looking like the girliest of the brother-in-laws when I adamantly declined a quad spin around in the forest. Though the idea did sound fun, I knew I would hit some invisible log and destroy my face.

Despite all this, I have purchased myself a scooter. Huzzah.

16 May 2007


I want to tell you something about myself.

Time After Time by Cindy Lauper, is one of my favorite songs.......................ever.

06 May 2007

Saturday is a Special Day...

What do these three have in common, aside from intrinsic bad-assness?

They are the guilty pleasures that devour my time on Saturday afternoons...and I love it. It is though I made an offering to the gods of cable, and they respond by blessing me with channels like TNT, Spike, USA, and others that saturate my TV with campy-action gold.

In the days of yore and yesteryear, I vividly recall the palpable anticipation of getting the new TV Guide and perusing the week's movies hoping beyond hope one would star Van Damme, Segal, or Schwarzenegger; pretty much any movie that I otherwise couldn't get my young paws on. Then, after noting the time in the Guide, I would, with marked anticipation for the future payoff, set up the ol' VCR and record them.

So, just like the weekends of my childhood I find myself once again looking forward to TV on Saturday, only now the content has changed...a tad. This time the anticipation is not for the animation of He-Man, Voltron, or Thundercats (though still they quaff from a bottle of pure awesome-juice), but for the nougat filled action sequences abounding with evil doers and their minions that can't seem to shoot down one man, poorly choreographed fight sequences, and unadulterated primal rage. Honestly, look at Jean-Cleaude's face, or Segal's greased pony tail. Now don't you feel like running through a forest of trees or cement a la Last of the Mohicans? I know I do.