Wars and Windmills

16 May 2007


I want to tell you something about myself.

Time After Time by Cindy Lauper, is one of my favorite songs.......................ever.


  1. There is no shame--none--in this. And the timing is uncanny, absolutely uncanny. As I drove home this very evening, pondering my mixtape for the guild (which includes The Advantage playing the theme from Goonies--Cyndi Lauper's "Good Enough"), I thought "why didn't I just include the original? What about 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'? What about 'True Colors?' What about...'Time After Time'?"

    It is the track..it wallops me upside the skull and left breast with a weighty dollop of nostalgia-and it never loses potency (much like all of Peter Gabriel's "So") Takes me instantly to the days of KISS 96.6 Radio and Vision Street Wear.

    No shame. I would flop on a grenade for this song.

  2. me too, darren, me too.

    i am a girl.

    that's ok, it's a really good song.

  3. Amen Joe.

    No pang here.

  4. oh babe...you are funny.

  5. I swear my daughter Lindsey posted this on Darren's blog! Couldn't be Darren...just couldn't be!

  6. and if it truely is Darren...I'm scared...very scared!

  7. O Marylin.

    Just so you know, there are some good songs outside the realm of Country......actually ALL good songs are outside the realm of Country.

  8. Nice. Hearing that makes me want to go roller-skating. You are wrong about the country though. Dead wrong.

  9. Hello Ashley. Roller-skating: the best of times, the most awkward of times...especially during slower songs like this.

    I will concede allowing for country before the bastardization of the genera's current generation.

    Johnny Cash, Wayland Jennings and others of that ilk, that is fine music.

    But those honey dipped days are long gone.

    O taste...why must you be the slipperiest of snakes?

  10. one time i watched a music video somebody made for youtube with cyndi's Time After Time set to a series of scenes from Titanic. I was home. Alone. I had a moment I didn't want to have. I went back to watch it a second time a few months later. But it was gone.

  11. It's okay Darren, I won't tell Scott. Sparklemotion might not have been able to live that one down, back in the BYUI days. But I am a fan myself.

  12. Melissa! Hello.

    Scott has his fair share of songs he enjoys that would perhaps raise an eye brow. I submit the Rad sound track as on instance.

    Sparkle Motion...we rocked the casbah.

  13. with an n. Damn it again

  14. It was late when I commented last night. So so many errors.

  15. you mean it was late when you commemented

    jokes...jokes amigo

  16. Darren. Seriously........who are you.

  17. Come on people...HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE SONG? that is all the justification I need. the song speaks volumes.

    so there.

    prove it.

    you are.

    make me.

  18. Darren, this thread raises a good question. What defines "manhood"? Most people's answers would be those cultural things we assume signify manliness.

    Thinking about myself: I work hard at 2 jobs, pay the bills, enjoy a good b-ball or pool game (preferably cutthroat)-- I know the names of a few dozen monster trucks, I live to fish, I can throw a mean right hook and a meaner headbutt, some days I enjoy lounging around the house eating cold cuts and watching Lethal Weapon while picking my teeth with a matchbook, I can bench press well beyond my own body weight, I can swim well over a mile without a problem, I can fix engines, light fires, track animals, put a knot in a necktie, fulfill all my marital duties...etc etc etc

    and I love Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.

    Is it all null for that one nostalgic piece of late 80's gold? I don't think so.

  19. a fine and discerning point Joe.

    And though my list is dwarfed by yours the point remains true and applicable.

  20. Oh I agree it's a fine song....but you simply MUST allow for some initial flabbergast given the usual music snobbery of the source. ;)

  21. Any snobbery held bows humbly before the majesty of this song.