Wars and Windmills

06 May 2007

Saturday is a Special Day...

What do these three have in common, aside from intrinsic bad-assness?

They are the guilty pleasures that devour my time on Saturday afternoons...and I love it. It is though I made an offering to the gods of cable, and they respond by blessing me with channels like TNT, Spike, USA, and others that saturate my TV with campy-action gold.

In the days of yore and yesteryear, I vividly recall the palpable anticipation of getting the new TV Guide and perusing the week's movies hoping beyond hope one would star Van Damme, Segal, or Schwarzenegger; pretty much any movie that I otherwise couldn't get my young paws on. Then, after noting the time in the Guide, I would, with marked anticipation for the future payoff, set up the ol' VCR and record them.

So, just like the weekends of my childhood I find myself once again looking forward to TV on Saturday, only now the content has changed...a tad. This time the anticipation is not for the animation of He-Man, Voltron, or Thundercats (though still they quaff from a bottle of pure awesome-juice), but for the nougat filled action sequences abounding with evil doers and their minions that can't seem to shoot down one man, poorly choreographed fight sequences, and unadulterated primal rage. Honestly, look at Jean-Cleaude's face, or Segal's greased pony tail. Now don't you feel like running through a forest of trees or cement a la Last of the Mohicans? I know I do.


  1. They mostly come out on Saturday afternoons...mostly.

  2. This might be one of the only areas of nerddom we split on. But I have seen my fair share of Van Damme movies and in the theatre no less. As cheesy as it is, I love Bloodsport. I don't know how many times I've watched it on that saturday afternoon or in the wee hours.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Nc8RCLy1s

  4. Hi Darren. I always wondered who subscribed to the TV Guide. Does Lu watch these with you?

  5. James: though you feel we differ, we remain aligned in our love of Bloodsport. Even when blinded with trickery Jean-Cleaude still beats down the man with the worlds largest and most disproportionate pectoral muscles, ever...timeless.

    Gillillz: A great find! A bit of a departure, but you know stuff like that went on between episodes.

    Ashley: She doesn't join in the fun...she is usually sewing or cutting or pasting or darning or threading or gushing or...

  6. Marked For Death is in my pantheon of cinema..I love watching Segal constantly contorting people's elbows in unnatural directions

  7. Dude,
    Remember the pool ball in the rag carnage of Steven Segal? O' that I could kick ass like he.

  8. here, here. Justice wears an oiled pony tail.