Wars and Windmills

11 July 2007

Obtuse Sneaktheivery

What a superb new music Tuesday; Spoon and Interpol came out with new albums. I will have to return and report as to what I think of the opuses, though I have no doubts that they will both offer stellar tracks.

However, while perusing the digital booklet that accompanied Interpol's effort, I took a gander at page three and was struck with an odd sense of déjà vu and I could have sworn an eerie, dissonant, highly dramatic piano chord bellowed overhead. I knew that I had seen that image before........I knew it, I knew it. A very frustrating couple of hours ensued. When the brain finally decided to stop being oblique I realized that Ola Podrida had that exact image on his album cover that came out in April of this year. This issue has probably been discussed in depth via the internet already but it was new to me and slapped me silly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Aside from Interpol's, obvious use of PhotoShop, the images are identical. To be honest, I don't know who picks the cover and album art, but I always assumed it was the artist's choice. But, perhaps this can be blamed on the thoughtless anamatrons of the large record label that Interpol is now signed under. Actually, that must be the case, I refuse to think Interpol would be that careless. Either way it reeks of the obtuseness, and is the equivalent of hiding simply by covering your eyes. It is such a blatantly poor example of sneakthieving that I hesitate to even resurrect the old-timey parlance in reference to it. However, I do recognize the impossibility of creating something purely original; every creative thought has been impressed upon and influenced by countless numbers of outside parties. Yet, this is obviously far beyond mere influence.

This makes me miss the now archaic days of holding the actual artifact in my hands. Taking it home and spinning the disk in a bulky CD player while perusing the album art and reading lyrics. In those more tangible days, this probably wouldn't have occurred.

I hope more care was put into the quality of music.

Here are a few Ola Podrida songs:


Photo Booth


  1. Amigo:

    I think that THIS is the official album cover..the other might be a single? I don't know. It still stanks of sneakthievery.

  2. Yes, that is their official album cover. But in the booklet that accompanied the album, the page three picture is that duplicate of the Ola Podrida album cover. If it comes across that I meant that their covers are duplicate then I am sorry. Shoddy writing is my only excuse.

    And, as you pointed out, when they released their single last month or so, Heinrich Maneuver, I believe that was the cover.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  3. Ah! CLANG!

    I am a thick-headed fool. Hasty reading is my forte. I apologize. No shoddy writing on your part, just a speed readin' trainwreck on my end.

    Pg 3. Got it.

    Pg 3 must be an homage. I can't think that they would so foolishly overlook such a thing.

    ps--Asher and I dined at Outback last night. Outback Style Primerib in honor of the Hound himself.

  4. Darren, let me know how the albums are....what I most need to know is if I should buy the complete album or only half of the songs through iTunes or wherehaveyou. I'm on a fixed budget right now and every song must fulfill my heart and soul to be worth pushing pennies for them. No room for filler crap in MY wallet.

  5. You can count on me dear Gillilly.

  6. Little Brother,

    Perhaps it is code? Many an album cover has a hidden message. Think Pink Floyd or whomever.

    Photoshop or photomystery? Hmmmmm.... (As in a Frank Oz sounding hmmmmm)

    Once again thanks for the new musical experience.

  7. Gillz, art is supposed to be free. I'll see about getting those albums for you if you want. Interpol just played here in New York and I sincerely wanted to go but the money is tight currently. Also, a $185 towing fee (standard for NYPD) hasn't helped.

    Um, I love the album design though. The homage does seem a little strange and sneak-like.

  8. A homage huh? perhaps and I hope so, but they came out within a few months of each other so I doubt it.

    James, Gillilly asked ME to help. you sneak.

  9. Gillz, go with Darren. I'm not always known for my follow through. And I am the super sneak.

  10. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Pardon me. I was blog hopping and well here I am. I actually know the dude who did the cover and the photo you are talking about for the new Interpol album. It's not a rip off cover and in fact his wife blogged about it here: kendraandseth.blogspot.com. You'll have to scroll down.

    Thought you'd appreciate setting the record straight.