Wars and Windmills

27 August 2007

A Smattering of Nerd


Handy. (*snicker*)


Why Prozac should come in a kryptonite gelcap.

The crossing of Gillilllll's universe and mine.


  1. Chomp!!

    It took me a minute, but I got it.

    Once again, I see that I am first and best at leaving comments on this gem.

  2. "smattering"?

    that was a deluge of nerd..a veritable Black Sea of nerd.

  3. A lovely rip roaring nerd a thon! I loved it.

    That Iron Man picture was priceless. I still have the giggles.

    This is James. I died.

  4. Regarding the anti-communist trio:

    I bet the Norse God of Thunder carefully chose his intonation of "Chi" in a way that allowed Iron Man to complete the warcry barbershop-style, against the Captain's intentions.

  5. HA! a three part harmony of justice lacking only handlebar mustaches.

  6. Oh, blessed Darren Z!! A Meatloaf superhero that somehow snuck its way into hosting the money-raising for the Special Olympics?!! Surely they jested! I would send not just five, but ten bucks for a cassette tape of ANYTHING if I could say Meatloaf had licked the envelope. And what is the thumbprint in the left bottom corner? Are they checking my criminal record to make sure my support is legitimately clean?

    God bless 1987. And God bless you, Darren, in are your celestial nerdom glory.

  7. are = all. it's been a long day.

  8. Em: The "Humongous Rock Star of the Universe" was just for you. I am glad you enjoyed.