Wars and Windmills

27 September 2007


No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford" by Brandon Bird

I prefer:

  • Coke over Pepsi
  • Star Wars over Star Trek
  • school over work
  • XBOX over Playstation
  • movies over TV
  • scooter over car
  • beards as an unassuming facial accessory over beards as a piety meter
  • fishing over swimming
  • rivers and lakes over the ocean
  • Colorado over the other 49
  • train over plane
  • orange juice over other juice
  • Letterman over Leno
  • Conan O. over both
  • Ninjas over Samurai
  • hands over feet
  • René Magritte over Salvador Dali
  • soccer over football
  • futbol over soccer
  • running over stationary bike
  • weighing 170 lbs over weighing 190
  • iPod over Zune
  • unicorns over horses
  • St. Vitus Cathedral over Notre Dame
  • James Frey over Oprah
  • freckles over moles
  • argyle over plaid
  • old Shins over new Shins
  • money clips over wallets
  • salsa over guacamole
  • nerd over geek
  • high-five over low-five
  • "okay" hand signal over thumbs up
  • Lord of the Rings over Narnia
  • casual over business casual
  • Apple over PC
  • sitting over standing
  • The Beatles over all
  • function over form
  • stepping in poop with deep treaded boots over southern California
  • Valerie over James
  • art deco over art nouveau
  • walkie-talkies over cell phones
  • four seasons over two
  • old friends over new people

ad nauseum

20 September 2007


Blindfolded, you may not be able to tell. I don't think I could. Make no mistake however, just because I am no expert at discerning acoustic guitars sans sight does it mean that I don't have strong feelings about the subject. Let it be known that I appreciate a fine guitar, no matter it’s creator. In this case the creators being either Martin or Taylor. That being said, if the head stock isn't crested with CF Martin 1833 insignia then I say pass. Pass. Pass. Pass.

This may be what a man named G called an irrational loyalty. That holds a high probability. But, while both makers create instruments that sing as though strummed by winged cherubim, I still have a difficulty considering Taylors in the same league. It is Martin's artistry that teeters the scale. Their innovations to the craft: x-bracing, 14-fret finger boards, and the dreadnought body style, are used by all steel stringed acoustic luthiers. This places these other craftsmen inexorably linked to Martin like modern Christianity is to Catholicism. Also, each Martin instrument is hand crafted. Taylor uses computers and lasers to cut each instrument. Each Taylor is perfect for it. However, the flaws intrinsic with all things hand made appeal to my common folk sensibilities and offer a feeling individuality, of owning a unique instrument. Which is why my money and heart belong to C.F. and crew.

It may be irrational. Martin was my first guitar so perhaps the allegiance I feel to them can be traced to that. Yet, I had the choice then and chose hand made.

04 September 2007

Twist & Shout

This post is teems with spoilers. Reader beware.

I mean no conceit but pulling a fast one on me via film is a bit tricky. I am rarely surprised. When I am, it is a welcomed and fun occasion. This is one reason I despise spoilers. You are never able to go back to the purity of not knowing what happens. That initial shock when a movie twists right from underneath you and lands you on your head is a once in a life time occurrence. Then the magic is gone and it will never be viewed again with untainted eyes. No matter how enjoyable subsequent views are, that knowledge has affected you ever after. I can only imagine, for example, what it was like to hear for the first time in the theater that Luke is Vadar’s son. Jaws agape. Eyes bugged. Minds boggled, only able to comprehend an expletive phrase deifying poop. Priceless. This is why also I appreciate movies that are able to pull the proverbial wool over my eyes and then slap my face with it at the end. I have thusly complied a list of my favorite movies with a twist. I am sure I will miss many.

Planet of the Apes.
The planet is Earth. I still don't get it. I never saw it coming....even a little.

I actually figured this one out, but not completely. A beautiful movie. The revelation that Bale's character has been a twin the whole time is genius. The biggest clue was when he told us how it was being done but in reference to the Chinese man's "Goldfish Trick": he lives his whole life that way. Stellar.

Sixth Sense.
Trixy. Well crafted and brilliant. The wife never really talks to him. He is in the same clothes the whole time. Subtle and trixy. Watching for the clues the second time through was almost as fun as watching it for the first time.

Usual Suspects.
Brilliant. The story woven from items seen in the room. Verbal Kint is Keyser Söze. That, coupled with the line: "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist." makes this one of the greats.

Fight Club.
The clues are there and obvious (obviously) the second time through, but sweet cheetah did this one toss me. Well played all involved, Chuck in particular.

Empire Strikes Back.
Sadly like most people, I grew up knowing this. If I were gifted three wishes I would waste one to go back and have been there in 1980 to witness and feel the shock of it all. (I was there, but at two I only remember being scared at the abominable snow creature.) It is the best movie twist ending, period.

03 September 2007

Dreams Do Come True

The sweet fruits of perseverance: