Wars and Windmills

27 September 2007


No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford" by Brandon Bird

I prefer:

  • Coke over Pepsi
  • Star Wars over Star Trek
  • school over work
  • XBOX over Playstation
  • movies over TV
  • scooter over car
  • beards as an unassuming facial accessory over beards as a piety meter
  • fishing over swimming
  • rivers and lakes over the ocean
  • Colorado over the other 49
  • train over plane
  • orange juice over other juice
  • Letterman over Leno
  • Conan O. over both
  • Ninjas over Samurai
  • hands over feet
  • RenĂ© Magritte over Salvador Dali
  • soccer over football
  • futbol over soccer
  • running over stationary bike
  • weighing 170 lbs over weighing 190
  • iPod over Zune
  • unicorns over horses
  • St. Vitus Cathedral over Notre Dame
  • James Frey over Oprah
  • freckles over moles
  • argyle over plaid
  • old Shins over new Shins
  • money clips over wallets
  • salsa over guacamole
  • nerd over geek
  • high-five over low-five
  • "okay" hand signal over thumbs up
  • Lord of the Rings over Narnia
  • casual over business casual
  • Apple over PC
  • sitting over standing
  • The Beatles over all
  • function over form
  • stepping in poop with deep treaded boots over southern California
  • Valerie over James
  • art deco over art nouveau
  • walkie-talkies over cell phones
  • four seasons over two
  • old friends over new people

ad nauseum


  1. What is wrong with wallets?

  2. -Batman over Superman
    -midnight over noon
    -Knight Rider over Airwolf
    -hunger over thirst
    -Jelly Bellys over M&Ms
    -imagination over knowledge
    -Construx over Legos
    -gas mileage over top speed
    -Man-E-Faces over Man-At-Arms
    -books made into movies over movies made into books
    -Autumn over Spring
    -stairs over elevator
    -2D10 over 1D100
    -asymmetry over balance
    -old-and-busted over new hotness
    -Metric over English
    -IV-VI over I-III
    -zza over almost anything
    -reading this blog over writing my own

  3. Valerie over James? Aw, the hell you just said that! Call me out in cyberspace? I am magma!

    Here's a few for you, Darr-ass:

    Awesome lovers over Dave Matthews Lovers
    My mom over your mom
    My caveman feet over your little girl feet
    Myself over your dumb-self
    A Real Car over Jetta
    Anything I say over anycrap you say
    My taste in jeans over your taste in jeans
    A falling piano over your noggin

  4. we have the same taste in jeans.

    increase of love.

  5. fine...i'll say it.

    you over everyone else.

    what? i miss you.

    queue rolling of eyes.

  6. "stepping in poop with deep treaded boots over southern California"

    Seconded. And the St. Vitus.

  7. Well, I'm torn. You have insulted Southern California, my homeland; yet you have declared your preference for me over James (which, frankly, comes as no surprise). Luckily, my self intrest trumps my national pride, so, kudos to you.

    p.s. Lindsey, I didn't roll my eyes when I read your comment, but I did smirk...a little.

  8. I was waiting for a Halo 3 review to follow up the Martin review. I thought that would show your nerd and cool spectrum to the max. Brothers in geek foreva'!

  9. Oh James...we are simpatico. It is in the works as we speak. I have just been too busy playing to write.

    It is coming.