Wars and Windmills

31 October 2007

All Hallows Eve

Today I traded my old XBOX for a new fly rod and reel. No trick. All treat. So beware fishies in some part of eastern Idaho to be designated later by Joe...you will soon caught, looked at, admired, photographed, smiled upon, dehooked, set free, and alive -- but late for something. I am coming like Ichabod's bane.

This has nothing to do with Halloween.

25 October 2007

Trumpet Lasers

At long last, finally something that makes Lucas' bastardizations to the original trilogy seem less horrific.

Enjoy this until I think of something more interesting to say.

22 October 2007

Divulgence II

I have seen Robin Hood Prince of Thieves far far far more than any other movie. Unfortunately this is true. I wish I could say that something less ambiguously gay (totally gay, actually) holds the top spot, but at this juncture I would need to watch Empire Strikes Back a few dozen more times. Though I love film V, I just don't know if I have the mustard. The Prince of Theives number is that powerful and all encompassing.

Aside from cold sores, this fact is the most embarrassing product of a misspent youth.

"To the trees!"

19 October 2007


Being an adult is hard. I am very lazy.

Change is hard. Again, I am very lazy.


09 October 2007


I hit 'shuffle songs' on my iPod today. These are the first few gems it spat back at me:

Carry That Weight -- The Beatles
Ecstasy -- Rusted Root
1% of Monster -- Mogwai
We've Been Had -- The Walkmen
Measuring Cups -- Andrew Bird
Jezebel -- Iron & Wine
Kid A -- Radiohead
Feel It Now -- Black Rebel Motorcycle Group
Paint It Black -- The Rolling Stones
Place To Be -- Nick Drake
Put You down -- Alice In Chains
Everybody Wants To Rule the World -- Tears for Fears
Dinner Bell -- They Might Be Giants
Going to California -- Led Zeppelin
Of Herbs and Rabbit Stew -- J.R.R. Tolkien
Blessed Persistence -- 16 Horsepower
Bittersweet -- Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Dissident -- Pearl Jam
Just Like You Imagined -- Nine Inch Nails
Mitch in the S'th -- Mitch Hedberg
Missile -- Blonde Redhead

I recommend trying this. Many songs have found a home on my iPod. However, far more have been as neglected as my laundry. Sad. Some songs have even found the hipster white encasing to be their coffin slowly suffocating them into an almost nonexistence. They lay there, buried alive in the massive 60GB of space, waiting to be unearthed. I have found if you personify something, it is harder to treat the thing like a mere thing. Hence the periodic shuffling of songs. I try to give over-played songs a breather, a well deserved respite from the daily grind. I try to bench my starters (I have no business using a sports analogy) and put in my second string. I feel that I am perhaps fulfilling the dreams of little songs who are sleeping in cobwebs and dust waiting for their time to bring da noise and perhaps, if they are ready, da funk.