Wars and Windmills

22 October 2007

Divulgence II

I have seen Robin Hood Prince of Thieves far far far more than any other movie. Unfortunately this is true. I wish I could say that something less ambiguously gay (totally gay, actually) holds the top spot, but at this juncture I would need to watch Empire Strikes Back a few dozen more times. Though I love film V, I just don't know if I have the mustard. The Prince of Theives number is that powerful and all encompassing.

Aside from cold sores, this fact is the most embarrassing product of a misspent youth.

"To the trees!"


  1. Funny you would admit this.

    I can remember you JAMMING to this soundtrack...

    everything I do...

  2. This is tragic. And Jack and Marcy simply let you do this?

  3. joe, they sat idle. In fact I think my mother accompanied me a few times so replace idle with proactive. Still, the blame is my cross. However, my only excuse is that I was young. I had terrible taste in most things. My favorite shorts were chartreuse in color. My favorite shirt had a picture of Moe from the Three Stooges running a football and the caption reading: Moe Knows football. i wore it far too much because I couldn't comprehend why more people weren't laughing. So I wore it until they did...or until someone asked why I wear that shirt so much. When the latter happened...then I stopped. I was clueless.

    We all have dark parts to our past...mine is just darker then most

    ...i do it for you.

  4. "But why a spoon cousin"

    I might also add, Christian Slater's performance as the long lost displeased disenfranchised disgruntled brother, timeless.

    I feel quite confidant that the one movie I have seen more times than any other is The Three Amigos.

    I feel good about that part of my life.

    Not so much the New Kids On The Block tapes I once owned.

  5. Darren, I will post a guilty pleasure entry in honor of your great sharing. I admit this is a bit embarrassing. My movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I can recite most of the movie to this day. But this is no Robin Hood.

    The most amazing thing is the times Kevin Costner tries an English accent only to give it up half sentence.

  6. Severus Snape was pretty sweet in this, so some points awarded.

    I guarantee that I was doing no better at this time than you were. No criticism here.

  7. "Look into my eyes...you will find...what you mean to me...."

    Darren. I love your confessional posts the bestests.

    My most watched movie of all time is definitely What About Bob? I can talk along with the movie. Ghostbusters is a close runners up. Indiana Jones follows next.

    Wait a second...Robin Hood over Indiana Jones? Finally: chartrues shorts still is better than my Tweety Bird hi-tops *grimace*

  8. No shame. None at all. That song used to be a chica magnetica.

    I will soon post a video to my own blog that will alleviate you of all past, present, and future shame. Totally and completely.

    We should embrace our own learning curves and budding tastes for without Robin Hood and that silly song would there have been a love for your horrible Indie music?

    Nay, says I.


  9. I am with you on this one. I too had a great addiction to this movie. As a young boy, it was the closest escape I had from reality. Besides, they had awesome tree forts, unlike that other vomit laden movie with Kevin Costner, "The War". Just remember: "I would die for you"

  10. I don't think that Heroin ever did for a junkie what that movie did for you.

    Would I get in trouble for posting the exact viewing count, since I am one of the few alive who knew?

    The number blew my mind.