Wars and Windmills

09 October 2007


I hit 'shuffle songs' on my iPod today. These are the first few gems it spat back at me:

Carry That Weight -- The Beatles
Ecstasy -- Rusted Root
1% of Monster -- Mogwai
We've Been Had -- The Walkmen
Measuring Cups -- Andrew Bird
Jezebel -- Iron & Wine
Kid A -- Radiohead
Feel It Now -- Black Rebel Motorcycle Group
Paint It Black -- The Rolling Stones
Place To Be -- Nick Drake
Put You down -- Alice In Chains
Everybody Wants To Rule the World -- Tears for Fears
Dinner Bell -- They Might Be Giants
Going to California -- Led Zeppelin
Of Herbs and Rabbit Stew -- J.R.R. Tolkien
Blessed Persistence -- 16 Horsepower
Bittersweet -- Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Dissident -- Pearl Jam
Just Like You Imagined -- Nine Inch Nails
Mitch in the S'th -- Mitch Hedberg
Missile -- Blonde Redhead

I recommend trying this. Many songs have found a home on my iPod. However, far more have been as neglected as my laundry. Sad. Some songs have even found the hipster white encasing to be their coffin slowly suffocating them into an almost nonexistence. They lay there, buried alive in the massive 60GB of space, waiting to be unearthed. I have found if you personify something, it is harder to treat the thing like a mere thing. Hence the periodic shuffling of songs. I try to give over-played songs a breather, a well deserved respite from the daily grind. I try to bench my starters (I have no business using a sports analogy) and put in my second string. I feel that I am perhaps fulfilling the dreams of little songs who are sleeping in cobwebs and dust waiting for their time to bring da noise and perhaps, if they are ready, da funk.


  1. wyrd. I live for the shuff. and you have every right on earth to use a sports metaphor. I seen you on the BBall court...we don't call you Dr. Dunkenstein for nuttin.

    here I go, shuff'in it up. my first 15 were:

    Marnie Stern-"Grapefruit"
    Ryan Adams-"the Sun Also Sets"
    Jack London-Call of the Wild Ch61
    The Life of Buffalo Bill Cody-Ch26
    Alex Mauer-"Dungeon 2"
    Leonard Cohen-"Diamonds in the Mine"
    Four Tet-"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"
    Guns N' Roses-"Yesterdays"
    The George Garabedian Players Featuring the Trumpet of Harry Aimes-"Hooray for Hollywood/Spanish Flea" (Hillarious)
    Nick Drake-"Parasite"
    Sun Kil Moon-"Dramamine"
    Bryan Ferry-"In Your Mind"
    Pink Floyd-"Coming Back to Life"
    New Order-"Dreams Never End"

  2. Call of the Wild!!?!!?

    I recall now having a similar conversation via myspace forums. I thought I was having deja vu.

    Your iPod, I am sure, holds many answers to great mysteries. I would like to kidnap it for a time.

    What ever happened to the virtual version of Katrina that your Mac did to your pod?

  3. Darren it's been too long since I grafittied your comment page. I like this game and verily, verily, my first 15 were:::::

    TV on the Radio-"Dirtywhirl"
    The Beatles-"Good Morning Good Morning"
    David Bowie-"Let's Dance"
    The Decemberists-"On the Bus Mall"
    Emiliana Torrini-"Nothing Brings Me Down"
    Enya-"The Council of Elrond"
    The Shins-"Girl Sailor"
    Postal Service-"Recycled Air"
    Fleetwood Mac-"Everywhere"
    Bruce Springsteen-"This Hard Land"
    Shout Out Louds-"Impossible"
    Iron Maiden-"Infinite Dreams"
    Rolling Stones-"Paint it Black" (ha ha! What are the odds! Wasn't that on your list, Zufelt?)
    Jose Gonzalez-"All You Deliver"
    The Weakerthans-"Uncorrected Proofs"

    Hmm...interesting. I admit I was hoping for a greater range of obscure bands to make me look all elite and fancy, but it's only appropriate that the LoTR soundtrack would pop up for a post on your blog, Darren. Might I take this opportunity to add that I am so happy to still be your friend? I love to have this connection. Thanks for always posting.

  4. Darren: If you want my iPod, You can have it. Or we can trade straightup. I need a new shot in the arm. All the tracks on there are post-Katrina. I have been piling on anything I can find.

    And Gillz. Hee hee!
    Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" = better than all the songs of all the obscure indie bands that we three could think of combined and squared. Agreed? Fleetwood is one of my guiltiest of pleasures.

  5. The Train - King's X
    Minimum Wage - They Might Be Giants
    Double Agent - Rush
    Freedom of Choice - Devo
    Track 3 - Darren's Tim & Dave Mix
    The Answer - Bad Religion
    No Direction - Bad Religion
    London - Queensryche
    Dog Years - Rush
    Through Being Cool - Devo
    Fingers Crossed - Millencolin
    Corrosion of Conformity- I'm too lazy to figure out the song
    Prophets of War - Dream Theater
    The Trees - Rush
    For the Love of God - Steve Vai

    Cool game.

    This is no Ipod shuffle. Merely my Windows media player shuffle. I couldn't help but notice Coming back to life by Pink Floyd on Grifter's list....hmmmmmm this can't be a coincedence.

    Gillz, I don't know you, but there is no shame in Fleetwood Mac. I think that Stevie Nicks writes some of the best lyrics ever.

  6. a sports analogy AND a hip hop reference. very nice.

  7. These are the songs that came up on my itunes "party shuffle."

    Mates Of State – Hoarding It For Home
    Mojave 3 – Return To Sender
    Radiohead – Videotape
    Josh Ritter – Come And Find Me
    Rogue Wave – Catform
    Talib Kweli – Fly That Knot
    Josh Rouse – Snowy
    Pearl Jam – Why Go
    Fruit Bats – Spelled In Bones
    Rob Crow – Overtime
    The Black Keys – Heavy Soul
    Thingy – Plenty
    Andrew Bird – Plasticities
    Jose Gonzalez – Hints
    Talkdemonic – Bering
    Caliphone – Michingan Girls
    Pinback - AFK

    I too only rock the ipod on shuffle; it is always such a pleasant surprise.

    Also, I'm convinced my ipod shuffle can read my mood...beta AI to be sure.

  8. G-Man, I don't know you either, but I sorta feel like I do because we both grace the same blogs at the same times sometimes.....I'm glad we can share both that and Fleetwood Mac. Long live the guilty pleasures.

  9. Emily: I am glad you took that opportunity. You're neat and one of my favorites. Thanks for the comment. Great list.

  10. hound--i think you'd appreciate Beeser's latest post.

  11. The offerings of the iphone

    Jason Mraz-Curbside Prophet
    The Wheel-Bumps and Bruises
    Loggins and Messina-A Love Song
    BelBivDevoe-Do me Baby (Not a Typo)
    Sigur Ros-Glosili
    Audioslave-Doesn't remind me
    My Morning Jacket-Golden
    Baho Quartet-Baby,Baby
    Beelzebubs-Smiling Face
    Matchbox 20-Busted
    Jack Johnson-On and On
    Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun
    Depeche Mode-Rush

    I am a shuffler also-unless there is something that begs to be played...

    DAZ- Long live the roadtrip belting out TMBG....Boy!

  12. "BelBivDevoe-Do me Baby (Not a Typo)"

    No need to apologize for that beauty. However, Poison would have got you the standing O.

  13. Cap'n Higginson...I must admit that only yesterday, while driving through Rexburg with the shuffle on, Poison came blaring out in all its glory...

    miss her, kiss her, love her (wrong move you're DEAD)..that girl is Pooooisoooooon

  14. i guess the more genius lyric of "Poison" to be quoting is "Never trust a big butt and a smile"

  15. Look,
    Poison is in there.

    "Boys 2 Men, ABC, BBD, the east coast family..."

  16. this is what winamp chose to serve up over here:

    The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
    Wildcat - Ratatat
    Right Where It Belongs - Nine Inch Nails
    What Lurks on Channel X? - Rob Zombie
    The Becoming - Nine Inch Nails
    Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
    Trouble With Dreams - Eels
    Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants
    Tricycle - Psapp
    Sixty Lives - Aberdeen City
    Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck - Prong
    Them Bones - Alice In Chains
    Less Talk More Rokk - Freezepop
    Several Arrows Later - Matt Pond PA
    Coming to America - Neil Diamond

    Cock the Gravity Hammer it's time for ak-shun!

  17. Ok, here's mine. I'm back from the land of Self-Loathing. Hooray for bloggery.

    Wrong Way All the Way - The Figurines
    As Smart as Geek is Chic Right Now - Say Hi to Your Mom
    I Feel You - Depeche Mode
    Know Your Onion! - The Shins
    Hardwood Pews - Horsefeathers
    Country Leaver - Dandy Warhols
    Nothing Ever Goes Right - Salim Nourallah
    Streamside - The Album Leaf
    Heart Made of Sound - Softlightes
    Three Peaches - Neutral Milk Hotel
    Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case
    When I Say Can You Dig It(You Say Yeah We Can) - Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies
    Kicker of Elves - Guided By Voices
    Words - Low
    One Dream Ahead of You - Samuraj Cities
    John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens
    I Came As a Rat - Modest Mouse
    See You Later - Elliott Smith
    If It Feels Good Do It - Sloan
    Daylight - Coldplay

    Pretty telling, seems about right.
    Some Modest Mouse, some Low, some Elliott.

    Bands given to me from friends - The Shins (Thank you, Joe) and Horsefeathers (Thank you, Darren) and Sufjan (I deny you, Joe!)

    Some obscure stuff - Violet Vector, Samuraj.

    You'll also notice how old all the music is. Also telling. I don't know anything about classic rock, reggae, or blues and I don't really listen to it. I need to get informed but I can't stop listening to "In Rainbows".

  18. James, you are but a babe in the world of music. I too am ignorant of anything too old (sans Beatles I guess). I have been trying to learn though. I listened to Led Zeppelin's entire collection the other day (I was both blown away and overwhelmed). There are some great older Stones songs that I know about, but nothing comprehensive. I seem to know of some gems (largely thanks to Joe) from a prior era that get me motivated to try and find more but it is so very daunting to try and catch up. Yet every time I try I find that I have missed much.

    It's good to see you back.

  19. Lucky for you, James and Darren, I was raised by a classic rock connoisseur.

    Start here:

    Seals And Croft - Greatest Hits
    Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards
    The Guess Who - The Best of Guess Who
    Neil Young - After The Goldrush
    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
    David Bowie - Space Oddity
    Blood Sweat and Tears - Self titled
    The Who - The Who Sings My Generation

    I'm sure to be missing some, but these are my favs.