Wars and Windmills

14 November 2007

Friends of Our Souls

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Perhaps I am boring, but I don't visit mystical realms as much as I used to. If I did this auspicious site would be my mecca. If you decide to see what I mean and be transported to a magical realm via a sprite drawn carriage to a tea party in Centaur Groves to discuss Unicorn Dreams, be sure to scroll down and visit each site dedicated to our favorite fantastical friends.

Favorite quote thus far: Besides their alarm "sneeze," unicorns have a variety of other calls or signals that they use for communication.

My favorite activity the site offers. Oodles of nougat filled bliss.


  1. Sometimes I feel that I know you...other times I don't.

  2. what ever do you mean?

  3. This is so you!!

    My son is going to love this site!

    Many thanks and Huzzah!

    I take back what I wrote about you in your last post.

  4. do you really believe in unicorns?

    It just comes up alot.

  5. Unicorns evolved into Narwhals. it's a fact.

  6. Nate my only argument for the existence of unicorns as a fact comes from the very mind of the author of the page I sited:

    "The unicorn exists because it exists. Such an animal does not come from nothing. If only those, unfortunately many, pseudo scientists would have the sense and imagination simply to deduce that there is a unicorn legend - because there are unicorns! Do not most of these same self-righteous zoologists hypocritically profess belief in Jesus Christ, relying as their only form of proof of his existence on that Bible that says:
    'God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.' [Numbers 23:22](one biblical reference among many)

    Battle that argument if you will. I dare not. The logic spewing forth from that first line is reason enough for me.

  7. I think Joe's right, but blood-relative or not, the Narwhal's fate as a non-fantasy creature was sealed when Trapper Keeper decided not to include their likeness in the product line.

  8. I feel sooooo dumb. Forget I asked.
    It is what it is.

  9. love it Darren. love it. i also *almost* bought you a unicorn t-shirt the other day.