Wars and Windmills

24 November 2007

Something I Hate...1

This idea is not so much inspired by, or in response to my cute wife's desire to post something she is grateful for everyday this month. It is mostly because this holiday season is often the equivalent to the miniature dog with the high-pitched bark that won't realize that I am a friend and stop barking and running around ignoring it's owner that I have decided to hate something daily until Christmas. Granted it is more than a month away, but let's see if I have enough rancor in me to spread.

Hated item 1:

The perceived sexiness of the saxophone.

I don't know how the idea was started or how it spread, but it almost entangled me in it's nasty web of deceit. I almost joined the band in my impressionable middle school years to play this instrument in attempts to counteract the massive amounts of lame that would follow me around like an angry doldrum raining only on me. It fills me with much anger/annoyance that somewhere a committee, without me on it, made the executive decision to make the saxophone the sexy music instrument; there should have been at least one dissenting vote on the record.

the myth:

the truth:


  1. valerietown5:24 AM

    Honestly, I couldn't agree more. I'd like to know where this all started, and take some violent action.

  2. its too bad randy "screech" straub from high school played the trombone instead of the sultry sax.

    it could have helped...really

  3. I don't remember him at all, Nate. I have a visual in my head, but I don't know if that's him or not...which is what not remembering means.

  4. When my wife was 9, her life plans were as follows:

    Be a fighter pilot.

    Retire and play the saxaphone.

    The way she tells it is far more enjoyable. Must be the ironic satisfaction and intesity in which she utters--saxaphone.

  5. These things are true. But then again, 'tis the season to blast Coltrane's version of "Greensleeves" and realize the mass appeal of the sexy sax.

    I'm just sayin'...worth a try by anyone.

  6. You're really messing with my OCD system of commenting. I shall endeavor to keep up. And for the most part I totally agree. I was going to say why, and then I realized it would just follow with another web humbling of yours truly (think of my sad defense of Creed and the Alien Ant Farm cover of Smooth Criminal).

    Pink Floyd has some good sax. I swear it.

  7. G: I am not assaulting the sax. I am assaulting it's so called sexiness.

    The sax is a fine instrument, but it is not a sextrument.

  8. OY!

    You still managed to humble me.


  9. I too hate the sax! That stupid fish hook shaped instrument. I hate the way people rock back and forth when they play it, arching their backs like some strange sexual act. And I hate when anyone makes any dumb joke about Sax and Sex.

    Stupid, piece of crap, brassy crapaphone.

  10. Ok
    I'm really the asshole.