Wars and Windmills

05 December 2007

Something I hate...12

I hate these:

Well, Jesus is always with us...


  1. Oh crap. I spent hours trying to come up with a Christmas present for you and now I have to start all over.

  2. Sorry to spoil the fun Shelly, but i am glad you found out before I had to slap on a faux smile and pretend to like your present. That would have made for an awkward moment/day/week.eternity.

  3. I know I wouldn't tackle Jesus. That kid must not know who he is.

  4. bro, hating on these statuaries is sooo January 2005

  5. Joe, it is a sad fact of my life that most ideas I think of have already been thought of and laughed about by you. I don't even bother checking to see if there are redundancies anymore, I just know.

  6. This isn't funny anymore. You shouldn't make fun of these statues because:

    1. It's insensitive.
    2. It's not very sensitive.
    3. Some people people would take offense.
    3. It is offensive.
    4. It gives offense.
    5. You're being sacrilegious.
    6. You're living off of Grift's glory.
    7. You're an asshole.
    8. You smell like face grease.

    Pick on something broad, like Chevrolet.

  7. Darry-my actual thoughts were again related to that synergy of ideas that seem to channel from Provo to IF. I feed out of your hand, mang, more often than you out of mine [awkward?]. Besides, the longeivity of these statues is longeivinous. I mean, they have hate-worthy stamina to rival Joe Goebbels. You have seen these wonderpieces, right?

  8. I have seen those, they would ahve been on the list except that I swear the artist can't be serious...there is just no way. If he is, then those are as sweetly awful as the Sport Jesus statues.
    Also, know that, though my comment teemed with spite (I realized this due to a second reading), that was due to poor writing; I never felt slighted by you and your near omniscient knowledge of things awesome.

  9. increase of lurve