Wars and Windmills

06 December 2007

Something I Hate...13

I hate running into an old acquaintance at the grocery store.

You see them and exchange salutations, awkward interruptions as you both try to ask how the other is doing simultaneously, and miserable silences followed by cricket noises and an abrupt parting of ways. You then re-see them and then re-see them and then try to skip an aisle to not re-see them only to see them because they thought of the same 'uncomfortable avoidance trick' as you, and you both feel thwarted and forced, once again, to laugh uncomfortably at the serendipitous meeting, and to say: "See ya later". Which, of course, you will down aisle 12.

The aisle is your bane; it, at once, offers you substance for a price and impedes your getaway.


  1. personally the ex-girlfriend meeting the wife and kids at the king soopers is the most atrocious of all.

  2. Obligatory comment.

  3. Ha! I hate that too. Although if I am mad enough at the person I take a certain glee in pretending they aren't there.

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