Wars and Windmills

07 December 2007

Something I Hate...14

I hate the personalized vanity license plate.

If I wanted to be playing Mad Gab whilst on the road I would have bought the pocket version. Somehow this became the champion expressive outlet for those who want all to know they love tulips. Or, while driving a VW Bug with a VW logo, they feel the sharp craving for redundancy and exclaim, in an odd spelling, that they are driving...wait for it...a VW Bug.

It is this kind of social activism that makes this so very country great.


  1. This is perhaps the perfect forum to settle a long standing debate between Liz and I. Whilst driving around one day we saw this vanity plate: SWDSNGR--each of us deriving our own translation.

    Please settle this debate. Get out your urim and thumim and tell us; what is the proper translation for SWDSNGR?

    Try not to look at other responses before posting your own (yes, I am taking this way too serious).

    Also, context matters, the license plate was on a beige 2002ish Mercedes.

  2. Darren, I agree whole heartedly! They are only fun for those driving the vehicle and interestingly enough, whilst driving they aren't the ones that have to look at them.....

    As for SWDSNGER, it seems to me that they are a big fan of a certain A. Schwarzenegger

  3. My guess would be Swede Singer for SWDSNGR.

  4. Darren I disagree. I want one that says UBITCH (moved head in a cricle while saying.

    Matt: Im going with Schwarzenegger but the D doesnt make sense.

  5. To me, vanity plates are a lot like those shirts that have a joke written on them. Someone gave me one that reads "I used to be a kleptomaniac, but I took something for it." I have never worn it. I can't wear it. Once somebody reads the joke, funny or not, the shirt has been expended.

    And then they read it again. And again. It's even less amusing the fortieth time around. This can all happen in the space of a minute for a shirt. Your chest has become a passive stream of joke, and it just deteriorates from lame to meaningless over the course of the day.

    At least when dealing with shirts you have a bit of flexibility with regard to viewing angles and direction of attention, but throw the phrase on a license plate, and get stuck behind the guy in traffic, and...yep.

    So...in spite of what I just wrote, I don't mind either of these things as much as I my overly long post would lead you to believe, but I am here to help you in your quest.

    Ok, actually, I do even like one, and yes, it's intended as a joke, and yes, it's on a VW Bug.

    I'm sorry.

    Matt: Swede Singer +1.

    Darren: Seriously, sorry.

  6. Azymn: no apologizes needed. I don't get the bug picture joke though...is it a computer thing?

    Matt: I honestly thought before I read any comments that it said: Sweede Singer.

    Becca: I always enjoy when you comment.

  7. ibid: Yeah, the Bug joke is related to software development, and has unfortunately been made into a t-shirt as well.

  8. SWDSNGR--

    my first thought was Schwarzenegger.

    It could also say "Sword's Anger", which wouldn't make sense, but is sweet.

  9. I'd say suede singer. I'm really grasping here.

    Did you post this because I have a custom license plate?

    What did I ever do to you?

    Half these posts have been about me.

  10. Matt: Sword's Anger +1

  11. So here were our original interpretations:

    Matt - Sweaty Singer
    Liz - South West Designer

    In other words, everyone is wrong and you have helped us not at all.


    As a side note, we have sinced abandoned loyalty to our original interpretations and adopted the other persons. I think Liz was right and she thinks I was...and the merry-go-round continues.

  12. I like sword's anger most.

  13. Dan - I loved the VW bug plate - particularly coming from a QA perspective. :) I sent it to all my developers.