Wars and Windmills

09 December 2007

Something I Hate...16

I hate when people say: git-r-done.

It is offensive to my sense of propriety, taste, and humor. It wasn't funny when the original comic coined the phrase, and it isn't funny or appropriate in daily situations...especially at work.

You: "Hey I am going to go _______" (whatever it is you do).
Other: "Nice. Git-r-done". (said with a southern accent though he/she isn't from the south)
You: *cringe*


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  2. ha ha. i can back this. I also hate when people say "cowboy up." I don't know how often you get that in Utah, but in Idaho it seems to be the greatest thing since curly fries.

    Oh yeah, if you haven't yet, you should google the Larry the Cable Guy vs. David Cross wordfyte. It reminded me of something you'd love. Warning on some of the language though, if you're sensitive.

    I'm too lazery to hyperlinkkk

  3. Agreed. Once I was driving back from California and as I just passed Payson I was coming up on a Diesel truck carrying a load covered in a red tarp, as I passed I couldn't help to notice the writing on the back. It didn't make much sense until I read what was written on the side of the tarp. Okay here it is. On the side it said Git-r-done and on the back of it it said Got-r-done.

    I couldn't help but to give the guy the rock n roll sign and make a white trash face.

  4. darren,

    Why didn't you just tell me? Why do you have to publish it?

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  6. Ahhh.....

    You and I have oft talked of this very thing and thus, you know of my potent hatred for this colloquialism. And then Grift went ahead and added "cowboy up" to the mix. Let me add a lesser known nugget to this here smorgasbord of white trash culture phrases; how about "here's your sign."

    Oh, how I loathe that saying. I am glad that Engvall (wink, wink Z you're a sweet man) made bank on it, but hearing it over and over from folk who think of it as some sort of cultural identifier, is grating.

    Good post mate.