Wars and Windmills

12 December 2007

Something I hate...18

I hate that these toys were never actually made:


  1. I was terrified, when as a lad, I noticed the smouldering corpses in those first traumatic scenes.

    They should repackage Sea Monkeys and call it a midi-chlorian kit or something equally silly.

    I am suprised that Lucas never actually tried to market those toys.

  2. I want the one of The Force. Which of course will always have a higher value with the box unopened in mint condition.

  3. I like to think that I actually got The Force toy, but lost the box long ago.

    I'm pretty sure it was the Dark Side version.

  4. darren,

    I am sad.

    Are you all out of hate?

    Has the Christmas spirit doused the fire within?

  5. the skeletons of Owen and Beru just make me kind of sad. I don't think I would want one of those.

  6. those smoldering corpses made me cry as a kid. no lie.

    you know what toy IS real, though?? in 2000, when i was at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida (I feel like I need to add "where Double Dare's live studio audience is"), they had an E.T. figure that was the sickly, white E.T., the E.T. that was found in a creek. no lie.