Wars and Windmills

17 December 2007

Something I Hate...19...and Final.

I hate the idea that balloons are still considered a commercial draw, even though you're an adult.

Case in point, the car dealership. Never in my live have I seen a 30-foot gorilla in a business suit and thought: "Man, I need to buy a car". I have thought: "Man, that would be cooler if it were fighting a balloon dinosaur in a Santa costume". And please, don't even remind me of the zany dancing balloons that look like they're getting tortured.

Alright, I know there has been a hiatus and that the original plan was one 'hate' a day until Christmas. However, I hate when an idea has run it's course and yet still doesn't stop. Like '24', the formula is dead, we don't need it any longer yet here comes a new season. Though I had a fun time hating, the idea of posting every day became bleak and more like a chore. I hate chores.

In another note...I lent someone my season one of Arrested Development and I don't remember to whom. If you're the lucky person, you have bested me and either you win a free set of digital video disks with the entire first season of a fine show, or you can return them and win my smile.


  1. You have no idea how much of your stuff I never returned.

    I could basically open a pawn shop tomorrow, or start a very small country who's national economy would revolve around used goods no one wants. We will call ourselves Zufeltia (zoo-felt-cha).

  2. If we're talking funny quips, winning stories, or fashion styles then I too have much of yours that will never be returned...Otis.

  3. I will miss this. It was my daily snack-o-pessimism. Well, a hearty thanks for the good laughs.

    I look forward to your regular posts.

  4. thanks for this series. I have enjoyed. between your hate and g-man's appreciation, you have both inspired me to begin a blog series entitled "Things Toward Which I am Entirely Impartial"

  5. I'm too am sad to see this end. I was a big fan of this series. Hope you and the wife have a joyous holiday season, Mr. Zufelt. I should only hope that your new years' resolutions include entertaining me some more on this here blog.

  6. Darren-

    I blogged about my favorite, including the top-ten, albums of 2007.

    I need to know your thoughts.

    I would also like to see your list--that should be your next blog post.


  7. I am sad.

    I truly looked forward to every post.

    Thanks for the laughs.

    By the way, I am proud to say I have never worked for a dealership with inflatable animals to draw a crowd. Inflatable women...well thats another story. Inflated prices...I um...no comment.

  8. I don't think that rat was meant to attract buyers. But nonetheless, I do agree balloons are annoying. And I am sad you are ending this, it has been a great daily read for me.