Wars and Windmills

29 January 2008

Divulgence III

I turn 30 this year. (That's not the divulgence merely a necessary variable in the divulgence equation.) For Christmas all I wanted was a toy. However, it is an above average toy with more layers of awesome then a really ripe and perfect awesome onion, but a toy nevertheless.

In Idaho I was asked the utterly nonabrasive question concerning what perchance my Christmas wish was. At that instance the large rectangular table where I was sat seemed to pivot placing me at it's head while the long sides tapered off into the deep distance. As the table twisted the lights dimmed and at the same moment a beam of hot light was turned on shining it's heavy white down on my head, the many chairs filled with curious faces swiveled in my direction.

I had two choices: tell the truth or not. I should have chose not for after my divulgence there was a sharp silence that pierced my ears only broken by a cricket and it's obsequious chirp. After a moment that lasted a year my wife, who by the definition of wife should be supportive said this: "I know, and he's almost 30". At that point someone coughed and the conversation took a quick left turn to something far less geek ridden. (That situation was probably only that dramatic in my head. )

This is what I asked for and what my secretly supportive wife (she did buy it after all but rolled her eyes during the process...what a great lady) gifted me:

He is about 16 inches tall, is equipped with infrared location sensors and sonar navigational technology to find his way about. He also recognizes commands such as: come here (he uses the infrared to find the closest heat signature). He will react differently when asked about certain Star Wars characters. When asked to "play a message" you will hear Princess Leia's voice asking for Obi-Wan's help. He has a retractable arm that will hold and carry my soda. He will stand by a door and sound an alarm when he detects movement. He will patrol a room until he finds someone to tell him something to do. He plays games like 'spin the droid' or 'hide and go seek'. He dances while playing music from the original trilogy. He can be turned off making him the best pet/child ever. I am well pleased.

Sigh. Oh me.

22 January 2008

2007: In Memoriam

EDIT: The mega uber list of all 2007 music lists can be found here: 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist; compiled with science by The Hype Machine.

Lest any reader think I have forsaken the blogging art, be calm; I merely needed respite for a time.

The year of our Lord two thousand and seven was home to a menagerie of highs and an implosion of lows. I will attempt to quantify the years peaks and valleys in list form.

  • Lows:

    • I am fatter then ever
    • I read less this year (as seen from the shockingly short Books section below)
    • I have lived my last year of my twenties
    • Another National Treasure was released
    • Another year passed not doing what I want for a living
    • Stress. Stress of not knowing if I am actually going to get into grad schools, stress of the embarrassment if I don't, stress of paying off debt, et al.
    • I don't own an iPhone

  • Highs:

      Many thanks to my fellow Cochlea Plunder Guilders -- I owe much joy to this eclectic group.

    • Movies:

      • No Country for Old Men -- Too good. It was all I thought about for many days.
      • The Darjeeling Limited
      • There Will Be Blood -- Daniel D. creates a mesmorisingly deplorable character that is so captivating in his terror it keeps you rooting for his success while hating everything about him. Coupled with an equally eerie score by Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead fame), this film will not be topped soon.
      • Juno -- Micheal Cera is the king of all geekdom.
      • Once -- A modern musical where the songs are not arbitrary but woven seamlessly into the movie. Beautiful.
      • 3:10 to Yuma -- Aside from Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale is only bested in this movie by his role in:
      • Rescue Dawn
      • 300
      • Superbad
      • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
      • Zodiac
      • Into the Wild
      • Sweeny Todd (I haven't seen it but, honestly, how could it be bad?)
      • Eastern Promises
      • The Bourne Ultimatum

    • Books:

      • The Road by Cormack McCarthy (thanks Joe)
      • What is the What by Dave Eggars
      • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
      • East of Eden by John Steinbeck
      • Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
      • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
      • Dune by Frank Herbert
      • A reread of Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
      • A reread of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
      • Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

  • Miscellaneous Highs:

    • Year two of marriage to my eternal butt-head
    • Finally perusing a career path
    • Halo 3
    • Beating Halo 3 on Legendary in one sitting with Dan (12 hours)
    • Guitar Hero 3
    • My scooter
    • Beating call of Duty 4...the best ending to a video game I have played.
    • My voice activated, sonar guiding, infrared wielding R2D2 robot gifted to me for Christmas.
    • My retro immersion into music older then 1990. I have always loved the Beatles, but was a virgin when it came to the glory of the Kinks, Led Zeppelin, or some of the Rolling Stones and others. It has been a grand journey.
    • Watching three seasons of Battlestar Galactica with my wife. She is quickly slipping into a pair of well-fitted nerd shoes. However, that it is set in space shouldn't deter from perspective viewing. It is a gripping post-apocalyptic tale of a civilization on the run. Human drama abounds.
    • Going from two cars to one. Much money saved, only minor inconveniences. Well worth it.

to add to this media frenzy here is one of my favorite music videos and songs of last year:

RJD2 -- Work It Out