Wars and Windmills

07 April 2008


After one year and one month my time has come: at last Battlestar Galactica has started it's new and final season last Friday. I just peed a little with excitement, like a wee dog.

I will wait for the mocking to subside before I pontificate over the shows many virtues.


Now then. I have said on this web log before that this show is one of the best on television, but it was merely a cursory praising. I will now attempt to convince all you folks who don't watch why you should.

I recognize that there are some inherent problems that have tainted the genera of science fiction: often it is too campy and kitsch ridden. This is a very valid reason to be skeptical. Not everyone has the ability, or desire, to suspend disbelief and swallow stories that take place in the naught of space. Although I have been known to be overly apologetic to all things spacey and lasery, I will be among the first to agree that plenty of Sci-Fi is a hackneyed mess.

This series does take place in space, there are killer robots hunting humans, there is faster then light travel, there are no right angles on papers or in the ship's design, but in spite of that meaty nerd stew, the show still is an immensely compelling human drama in a post apocalyptic setting that just happens to be set in space.

Here are some reasons to put aside any sci-fi angst against the show:

  • There are no odd looking aliens, or aliens period.
  • It is a realistic lived-in future.
  • There are bullets in guns, not lasers.
  • There are no corners cut in the special effects; nothing looks campy.
  • The acting is amazing; Starbuck's affected laugh aside.
  • Watching how a civilization that is down to some odd 40,000 people from a few billion cope with trying to create normalcy and keep civil liberties, democracy, and justice intact while running for their lives.
  • Not one character is perfect, or are meant to be. Flaws abound.
  • The story is loosely based on Mormon doctrines.
  • The story.
  • It's not just for the men, two of the show's strongest characters are iron willed women.
  • The music.
Mostly, if my wife, hater of everything science fiction got caught up in it and looked forward to each episode, that should be reason enough to gander at the show.

So don't pigeonhole the show and gander.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Ba dum dum.


  1. Mr Zufelt,

    I will try it. I have had numerous people argue to the shows affirmative. Your pitch is well placed. If you miss on this one I will never forgive you and punch you in the mouth once and for all. (That makes the third time I have threatened you with violence in our 18 year history)

  2. If I had but 2 tv channels, and one showed only Battlestar and the other (Univision) showed reruns of Sabado Gigante from 1992, I would probably watch the latter.

    No offense. I may come around someday.

  3. that surprises me very little Joe. Thanks for letting me down easy.

    Nate: three times? no no i think you are mistaken.

  4. Darren, you and my mom can keep your Battlestar Galactica and eat it. I happen to like lasers. And everybody knows that ALL sci-fi can eventually run back to Mormon doctrine and is completely appropriate to testify about in church, along with recent vacations, love of roommates, and that kid you just can't figure out because he isn't at church with you today.

    That said, I'll give it a try. I'm in a house that has a television now and I've been thinking about spending some quality time with it.

  5. Oh, yeah right. Like that little break in your blog was enough time for me to make fun of this.

    Give me a break.

  6. Gillz: I hope you like it. I hope I hope. Let me know huh?

    Val: That space is all the mocking I can handle. I am fragile.

  7. How can I say no to such well written logic.

    I'll get to it.

    You, above all, have taught me much about the fine art of wasting time.

  8. we're loving it over here, just finished up the mini-series and can't wait to start the show, which we've heard is much better. thanks for the recommendation.

  9. so far, agreed on all counts.

  10. The show is simply brilliant. To this day it is still being handled by clever and gritty artisans, unlike most shows that make it to a fourth season.

    And it keeps getting better.

  11. Alysha and Kelly:

    I am glad x 10 that you are enjoying the show.

  12. I whole-heartedly echo Darren's sentiments about this show. I am wrapping up Season Three as we speak (only 3 episodes left) and am then anxiously onto the final. It is just amazing, and it might just be one of my favorite all time shows.

    ....I also just about DIED with what just happened in the one I watched last night. Seriously.

  13. Darren, once again, brothers.

    Here's my analysis of the difference b/w the way Joe and you enjoy your nerdery.

    Darren: puts on an outer persona of disdain, as if many things are below him. The hard sarcastic shell once cracked reveals a center gooey with comic books, video games, books galore, and sci fi love.

    Joe: keeps a reserved Masterpiece Theatre persona of assuredness that he knows all things cool. When asked about a like, a snipe at something will precede to show he's not too much of a fan, but then he will concede a little and open the floodgates of classic rock, lit, fishery, Bowie, and such. But the doors close quickly so beware.