Wars and Windmills

16 June 2008


Recently, I have:

  • Done a load of laundry...sans soap
  • Poured way too much cereal in a bowl making it overpopulated and impossible to eat when the milk was added
  • Chased an absconding dog through a neighborhood
  • Destroyed a fence as I attempted to jump over it while chasing said dog
  • Debated the existence of free will
  • Lost 15 pounds
  • Seen a large black lady in not but her skivvies
  • Won not one but TWO games of 21 on the basketball court
  • Cut holes in 80 walls
  • Pooped in a field. That was a bad night.

Oh yeah, also I have recently:
  • Received an acceptance letter from Aberdeen University in Scotland
  • Jumped for joy and clicked my heals upon receiving aforementioned letter

I received three more rejections before Aberdeen's letter arrived. I had resigned to sit in agony for a year until I attempt the forehead bruising and or application process, again.

Many sighs of relief have been had, as well as many imaginary rounds of frothy ale housed in large mugs being raised overhead and quaffed after chanting 'huzzah' with my friends that have been as tormented as I during this process.

Come visit.