Wars and Windmills

16 June 2008


Recently, I have:

  • Done a load of laundry...sans soap
  • Poured way too much cereal in a bowl making it overpopulated and impossible to eat when the milk was added
  • Chased an absconding dog through a neighborhood
  • Destroyed a fence as I attempted to jump over it while chasing said dog
  • Debated the existence of free will
  • Lost 15 pounds
  • Seen a large black lady in not but her skivvies
  • Won not one but TWO games of 21 on the basketball court
  • Cut holes in 80 walls
  • Pooped in a field. That was a bad night.

Oh yeah, also I have recently:
  • Received an acceptance letter from Aberdeen University in Scotland
  • Jumped for joy and clicked my heals upon receiving aforementioned letter

I received three more rejections before Aberdeen's letter arrived. I had resigned to sit in agony for a year until I attempt the forehead bruising and or application process, again.

Many sighs of relief have been had, as well as many imaginary rounds of frothy ale housed in large mugs being raised overhead and quaffed after chanting 'huzzah' with my friends that have been as tormented as I during this process.

Come visit.


  1. Congrats on the acceptance, to bad you can't go.

  2. man. try answering your phone for once, you busy arse.

    Endless congrats.

  3. Congratulations! You are still an ass jockey though. Seriously though, thats awesome you got in!

  4. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Scott and I are planning our trip to visit you already.

  5. I'm not sure what is the greater accomplishment; the acceptance to an institution of higher learning, or the victories on the blacktop. I'm inclined to the latter.

    Let it rain!!

  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyRM3-5OW9s

  7. Dude stop yelling at me, I was kidding and I knight thee Sir Darren Zufelt.

  8. When I come to visit we will have to go have an O'douls and sing some pub songs!

  9. Congratulations Darren - I'm so excited for you I can barely breath (all the while turning green with envy)! Happiness all around. :)

  10. By way of celebration, I queerly pose to you this query: Which Braveheart character would you do if given the opportunity... King Edward Longshanks or Philip (the gay dude that got thrown out the window)?

  11. Hey hey for Scotland (don't get very tan before you go, they won't accept you).
    Hopefully you can plan a layover in New York on your way there.

  12. Thanks all.

    bloggy: in response to your query i would postulate as to probing prostates why you didn't add the leprous old Scot, father of the would be king of Scotland; he is totally hot.

  13. I cannot believe that I am so late in receiving this news!!

    I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am for you. This just totally makes my week man! The cool part; we can still kick Covenant ass!

    Way to be, I am already envious of you & Lindsay's upcoming experiences.

    Again...way to go litte brother.

  14. Yay Darren, congrats to you. I still need to you screen my movies, hopefully you will still get to watch them.

  15. Stop trying to skirt the issue. The rotten gentleman you spoke of was not an option. So, just answer the question: Longshanks or gay dude. But if it does tickle your fancy Longshanks was dying of the consumption.

  16. Well, Scotland just happens to be on my list of places to see so now I've got DOUBLE reason.

    And I'm hankering for haggis.

  17. Darren. Holy congratulations. I am literally dripping with envy...you are brilliant. Aberdeen. Scotland. Holy fetcher.

    Any chance I can sleep on your floor if I visit Scotland in the next year? It'd only be a couple of days, I SWEAR, and I'd even pay. I don't need a bed, just a floor. And maybe some hot tips on good places to go see.

  18. Emily! of course! my floor is your floor and if i end up owning anything cozier to sleep on then it's yours too.

  19. Darren,
    I saw Dave Matthews Band tonight. Tim Reynolds was there and they played Granny. I thought of you. Congratulations, dude.
    Annie (and Ben) Howington

  20. Darren,

    Remember on G.I. Joe the cartoon when one of the characters was falling from great height? All he/she/Snake Eyes had to do was a little flip right before hitting the ground and the power of gravity was suspended, causing them to land upright and unscathed.

    Your picture reminded me of that.

  21. It brings me great joy to have shared a delicious Village Inn meal with you on the night you pooped in a field.

    I am even more pleased that you scrupulously washed pre-meal and post poo.