Wars and Windmills

22 July 2008

Divulgence IV

Ever since I had it's Micro Machine, this Firebird with T-Top has always been a dream car of mine.

I am swimming in the white trash deep end I know, but come on, imagine with me here: picture me ripping down main street shirt off (or if it's on, it's a tank top), near-beer in hand, "Welcome to the Jungle" or "No More Tears" blaring over the speakers, white high-tops powered by legs donning shorter then acceptable cut off jean shorts putting the pedal straight to the metal, mustache curving upwards as it conforms to the smile that is beaming on my face...GLORIOUS. A pipe dream, I know. Still, a man can dream.

18 July 2008

See This

No spoilers here other then my endorsement. See it, see it, see it. It is worthy of a spot in the gilded halls of my top ten favorite films of all time.

Hasty! some of you may say, hasty! Nay I say to those sayers. Rare are the films that combine the right portions of the right elements to concoct a paragon optic elixir, and this one is as fine an elixir as they come.

What a great night at the movies.