Wars and Windmills

21 August 2008

Huzzah! Huzzah!

I posted about my longing for Mitch not to long ago. Today, Matt, the harbinger of Mitch, sent this gloriously lovely bit of honey to me. It was recorded 2 days before he died, which is unsettling, but it has over 40 minutes of unreleased schtick. Excelsior!

As Dan pointed out this release is also extremely saddening as it is a reminder that nothing is coming after this. But let us not have that doldrum taint the bliss of this release. September 9th will now be the new Christmas. Children will have the day off of school. Government agencies will not be open to the public. Mitch will be the real "Wyld Stallions" and the world will change from that day hence. Mark the day and revel in it.

12 August 2008

Doveman: Footloose

I will post a meatier post one day I swear. As for now if you haven't heard this remake of the Footloose soundtrack by Doveman you are desperately in need of a repentin' session and a few Hail Marys. This was made as an unauthorized album per a request from Doveman's childhood friend and was downloadable at one point, but to all of our misfortune the record label that owns the rights to the soundtrack put a cease and desist order so now it can only be streamed, but it is still worth your time. I have tried my darndest to find it via all my black market channels and have found nothing, not even cob webs.

The album has been pared down substantially from the original focusing merely on incredible keyboard talents and haunting vocals. Bangarang I say to that.

As I have addressed before, covers are often a spurious endeavour and can leave one feeling assaulted. Just as often, though, a cover is baby bear's porridge and leaves one feeling just right. I assure you Doveman's offering is the latter.