Wars and Windmills

07 October 2008

I Should Be...

....working on furthering my understanding of Scott's the Lay of the Last Minstrel for class in 40 minutes. but I'm clearly not.

I have stumbled upon another bit of honey and have to share. Okkervil River landed on a lot of year end lists last years with The Stage Names and last month they released a new album called The Stand Ins. It's an alight album worthy of a listen, but like their last effort I am sure this will grow on me.

But that's not the point. Here is the point: one of the innovative things Okkervil did to garner steam for this release was to solicit other musicians to perform the songs and submit videos of them which can be found here.

But what is truly blessed is that Bon Iver covered one. Like Midas, all he touches turns gold and what went from being an aright song that felt too long has been pared down and with the help of a classical guitar and untouchable falsetto has been made golden. If there is an MP3 version I can't find it so if you care to hear you'll have to watch the video.



  1. That is solid gold my friend. Excellent find!

    Bon Iver has some pretty sweet videos on his myspace page. You should give a gander at his live "skinny love"

  2. Okkervil River is playing tonight in NYC but I can't see it. Prior engagement. I'm pissed. Bon Iver just released some new studio stuff. I'll send it to you if you don't have it. I have you to thank for Bon Iver in my life by the way. Awesome video.

  3. very nice. hadn't seen this yet.

    and james...i have you to thank for excessive nincompoopery in my life, btw. what is this Bon Iver studio release of which you speak? the UK release with Wisconsin? methinks you're drinking the bong waters.

  4. James was right and wrong. It was a studio release in the myspace studios BUT it was not a new album, it was just songs from For Emma redone.

    It is quite nice though.

    Also, i have made this into an MP3 so if anyone wants it they can email me.

  5. well, i has that. jimmy got me all worked up.

  6. Two things:

    - I'm a little disappointed and only slightly offended that you did not cite my last (both in terms of most recent and probably in terms of complete finality) blog post that sought to rectify the omission of Okkervil River from my 2007 top ten albums list preeminent source for which all others year lists followed

    - How do you say Bon Iver? Probably the same way I had been saying it all my life, until I saw them on Conan (video is unavailable). Apparently it is Bone Eve-Air. Stupid France.