Wars and Windmills

08 December 2008

Film Stills

I have recently joined an online group that posts stills from films. I have been spending far too much valuable time sifting through the archives but I feel vindicated as I have found nuggets of nostalgic gold.

I am interested in seeing how well my friends know their films, so I am posting a few of these unearthed nuggets to see of you can guess what movies they belong to. In the interest of fairness, I will try and use movies that I would think that the majority of folks have seen, nothing too obsolete. Or are they?

I will try and choose still with enough clues to be able to figure it out regardless of whether you have seen the movie. But I think for many it will entirely be up to to if you have seen the movie or not.

Some may prove easy. Others, if you're anything like me, will stir a memory and you will KNOW that you know it, but the name just sits in the dark parts of your brain not wanting to come into the light and you will be driven mad. Or, perhaps you will just know them all.

A dollar to anyone who gets them all right.

And by a dollar I of course mean my respect.

That is probably enough for now. If this proves to be good fun, I think I will do this periodically as I have a massive collection now, and this is all I can think to do with it.


  1. Yay!! I love this game! Okay, these might not all be right, but I am picking up on Cool Hand Luke, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Donnie Darko, and Stand By Me. I always forget Dreyfuss is in that movie until I remember he's the one typing it all out.

    I feel like I should know more!! Where on earth did the foil origami unicorn come from! I must see this film.

    One of them is High Fidelity, isn't it? It's been years, but I can't think of another movie that still could possibly be from. Fun game!

  2. And wait.......I can't think of the movie, but those masks get shoplifted, huh? I swear I've seen that. What is that. Breakfast at Tiffany's? They do get shoplifted though, don't they? Is that A. Hepburn behind that thar mask?

  3. I am assuredly the least cool of all of your friends.

    1 is a lonely number.

  4. I only know two. Can we stay married?

  5. Hey, that's a fine talent you have there. I'm curious (because editors have to be careful about copyrights or they lose their jobs) about how copyrights work with taking stills. Can you take any still you want and put it wherever you want? Can you use it if you don't make any money off of it?

  6. Well, I feel a small smidgen of coolness today because I knew 5 of those for sure. A few not yet mentioned would be Empire of the Sun, Clue & Footloose. Is that one with the guy in front of all the people Dune? I just can't be sure. Nice to stroll past you in the blogging world again brother.

  7. Its has been far too long since your last post.

    I'm with Gillz that the first one is Cool Hand Luke. Also got the Pee-Wee's Big Adventure along with Footloose and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    I am ashamed I don't know more.

  8. It seems I know the exact same ones everyone else does, #3 Pee Wee's Big Adventure, #12 Empire of the Sun, #15 Breakfast at Tiffany's (nice shout out to Lindsey), and there's one from Clue (full disclosure: only after I read someone else's comment did I recognize the one from Clue).

    Post more, I know I can do better than this.

  9. CLUE!!!!? How did I not get that one! I want to sleep with Tim Curry in that movie and I couldn't even recognize the still?! What does this mean?!

  10. I tried this without looking at any responses, and i think i nailed all but one. I might be wrong on one other film though...

    1)Cool Hand
    2)American Psycho
    3)Pee Wee’s B.A.
    4)Donnie Darko
    5)???? This is…strange. I know I’ve seen this. I am having a hard time…Oldboy? It looks gritty and Asian…I can’t ID this…
    6)Stand By Me (one of the greats)
    8)Lost Boys (always made me laugh…trying to make Santa Cruz look like a hell hole)
    9)Life Aquatic
    10)Footloose?? Probably. Zollinger’s uncle made a cameo in this film…fyi
    12)Empire of the Sun? Right?
    14)Hi Fidelity
    15)Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  11. I want to play, even though most of them that I know have already been mentioned….

    #1 Cool Hand Luke, one of my favorites
    #2 American Psycho
    #3 Pee Wee
    #4 I have no idea
    #5 Don’t know
    #6 hmmmmm
    #7 Dune …….the spice…remember the tooth
    #8 I think its “Lost Boys”??? Santa Clara….vampires….
    #9 Clue?
    #10 Don’t know
    #11 ????
    #12 Empire of the sun…another favorite….”P51, Cadillac of the sky”
    #13 Don’t know
    #14 High Fidelity
    #15 Breakfast at tiffany’s

  12. ps: beer-me that stills URL so I can imitate you (like I am wont to do) with my own quizzzzzzz.

    this was fun stuff. I need to watch High Fidelity again..."suddenly I'm offending your Golf buddy..." Jack Black should have stopped there, right?

  13. Beezer! Near simultaneous response in list form. Spooky.

  14. LOST BOYS.....dang, I knew that one, too. Burn rubber does not mean warp speed.

  15. OH OH OH!!! And wait, wait, wait! One of the stills is The Deer Hunter!! Right??? RIGHT?!! Tell me I am right. It's the Russian roulette scene. Tell me I am right. Tell me right now. I can't take not knowing.

  16. Wait, no, maybe I'm not right. Am I right?

  17. Well done Joe and Cousy, you guys guessed the most by far.

    Joe, is the winner, all but one...most impressive.

    But hats off too Emily, that was the hardest one. You are correct, it is Deer Hunter, I put that in there just for you, so I am glad you got it.

    Well done.


    1 Cool Hand Luke
    2 American Psycho
    3 Pee Wee
    4 Donnie Darko
    5 Deer Hunter
    6 Stand By Me
    7 Dune
    8 Lost Boys
    9 The Life Aquatic
    10 Footloose
    11 Blade Runner
    12 Empire of the Sun
    13 Clue
    14 High Fidelity
    15 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  18. well dern. I am ashamed. I bombed on Deer Hunter..one of the ten best.

    Trow me in de hole.


  19. i feel like a royal bag-o-douche for having seen only 4 of the 15.

    i am so white.

  20. I had no idea such a beautiful piece of origami was in Bladerunner. I have meant to see that movie every day for the past decade. I'm just going to buck up and find a copy this weekend and post my review accordingly. Fun game, Darren! Thanks for letting me figure out Deer Hunter before posting the answers!!

  21. I regret having posted the answers. I should have done that much later and privately emailed those that have guessed.

    I am lame and still learning valuable life lessons, so your patience is appreciated.

    The next round i will be wiser.

    Good game all.

  22. Oh and Emily, let me know what you think of Blade Runner.

  23. I think your timing was good, Darren. You didn't post the answers until all the movies had been revealed....I mean, none of us were 100% sure, but still....I think the answers should be revealed once the movies have all been mentioned.

    And I will return and report to the world wide web with my Bladerunner musings this weekend.

  24. i'm lame. i only got three. footloose, empire of the sun and breakfast at tiffany's. and i promise i knew those before i read all the comments! do this again. i love to fill my list of must-see's and must-read's. (this is ashley, by the way. i'll have anthony take his own test).

  25. Sadly, I didn't know any of these with the exception of Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Since when have you not been using real money in these bets. I remember winning a real US dollar from you once. Just remember, "You really are great!"

  26. AG: it is since losing that dollar that I gave up betting real money.

    you bested me and my gambling spirit.

  27. Donnie Darko, Life Aquatic, Dune, Peewee Playhouse,Stand by me, High Fidelity.