Wars and Windmills

08 December 2008

Film Stills

I have recently joined an online group that posts stills from films. I have been spending far too much valuable time sifting through the archives but I feel vindicated as I have found nuggets of nostalgic gold.

I am interested in seeing how well my friends know their films, so I am posting a few of these unearthed nuggets to see of you can guess what movies they belong to. In the interest of fairness, I will try and use movies that I would think that the majority of folks have seen, nothing too obsolete. Or are they?

I will try and choose still with enough clues to be able to figure it out regardless of whether you have seen the movie. But I think for many it will entirely be up to to if you have seen the movie or not.

Some may prove easy. Others, if you're anything like me, will stir a memory and you will KNOW that you know it, but the name just sits in the dark parts of your brain not wanting to come into the light and you will be driven mad. Or, perhaps you will just know them all.

A dollar to anyone who gets them all right.

And by a dollar I of course mean my respect.

That is probably enough for now. If this proves to be good fun, I think I will do this periodically as I have a massive collection now, and this is all I can think to do with it.