Wars and Windmills

03 February 2009

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray (1970, Italy, Germany, UK) -- from Wrong Side of Art

Why don't movie posters look like this anymore?


  1. Awesome. And I don't know. But you should bring them back.

  2. It's strange, because when I think of you, this is the exact image that comes to mind. How do you account for that?

  3. Tyler Stout is a pretty rad artist who makes posters for old school movies: http://www.tstout.com/welcome

    I have a few of his prints but none of movie posters he has done.

  4. Gillz, I will try; but it will be subtle and covert so you will probably never hear about it.

    Val, the only accounting i can give for your mind's inability to recreate even a quasi-realistic interpretation of me is drugs...heavy ones.

    Matt, I have seen this man's work. Very collage-y. How is your collection coming? what is your name again on GigPosters?

  5. love what you have done with the new banners....sweet.

    you have a graphic design career...if you want one.

  6. Thanks Nate. Dan helped me with getting them to scroll, he is a powerful mage; weilder of the secret java script from the historical order of C++...or something like that.