Wars and Windmills

10 March 2009

Divulgence V

I worshiped this guy while sporting my Vuarnet shirt and my flounder shaped Nash skateboard that I was too afraid to ride.


  1. I too once had a skateboard I was too afraid to ride.

  2. man, this brings it all back. an awkward kid on a horrible idaho road wearing trashed chucks and a Vision Street Wear T, with dreams of Mullen, Hawk, and my all time favorite, Steve the Horseman Caballero.. dancing through his head. oh yeah-I'm the kid, at a young age ensuring that my knees wouldn't work properly past the age of 23.

    I need to dig up my old copies of Thrasher. Perfect post.

  3. Ditto with the sentiments pals. I had a skateboard and had four wheeled delusions.But then I went down a really steep hill and skinned my ankle and wussed out forevermore. I also wore a large billed Bodyglove hat.

  4. Darren,

    so get this, I ollied the other day. true. no, i didn't get more than 4 inches off the ground, but an ollie it was. my fear was not that of falling, but of snapping ethan's christmas present in half in the desperate search for days of yore.

    as far as sweet skater garb, i owned those pants that had "vision" down the whole left leg. i also sported the flock of seagulls swooping bangs from grades 5-7. photograpic evidence is plentiful.

    My favorite was christian hosoi! no greater air have i seen, than under the board of hosoi.

  5. Good call, Dagus. Hosoi could carve. Like science.

    I am still able to pull a full shove-its. That's all i got left.

  6. I too had a flounder shaped skateboard with a tarantula on the bottom. Not a cool tarantula. It would be the villain in a kid's cereal commercial. And sad to say, I didn't know a single prominent skateboarder in the 80s.

    My board was primarily used as an amphibious troop transport for Dinobots, because, as we all know, Grimlock can't swim.

  7. Matt H.2:40 PM

    Rodnet Mullen is the greatest and most revolutionary skateboarder to ever live.


    Inventor of the kickflip and darkslide (see the 4:03 & 4:39 mark) and the only human I know who has reveresed a kickflip mid flip (see the 1:09 mark).

    Thank you for posting Darren--good times.

  8. Rodney is the king of skateboarding. I am pretty sure I have seen you wearing the same outfit as in the video before though.