Wars and Windmills

23 April 2009

One Picture and One Song III

(side car = cool. lions = kings of the jungle. a lion in a side car = good family fun)

The Battle of New Orleans -- Johnny Horton

for Jack


  1. fantastic, this song is amazing, and is only made better by the face on the lion. Which makes me believe all animals just want to hang out in a side car.

  2. Darren, my office flooded. All of my belongings have been piled atop my unplugged computer, and a large lukewarm fan is drying my carpets. It's snowing in late April. My hair looks like Hermione Granger's today.

    And you just made that all feel great, what with this one song and one picture. I owe you one. Several, even.

  3. Hey Z,

    I love this picture! I saw it somewheres else once, it was a nice reminder. I had a musical experience last night. I saw a dude named Shawn Lane on Youtube. He is just an amazing guitarist. He may not be your style. Check him out.

    Miss you man.

  4. Mark Clements10:40 PM

    Jingoist Johnny Horton then, Toby Keith now.

    Lions are King(s) of the Jungle.


  5. Holy crap, I need a lion. And the song, the song. One of my favorite songs when I was a child. One time a motorcycle company was doing a reissue of the old Nazi motorbike plus sidecar and I almost made it my year goal to save all my money and buy it.

    One more reason why I'm still alive.