Wars and Windmills

17 May 2009

Mythically Speaking

Many of these I would wear without a dare, and all for less than a double-dog.

Golden Eagle Collage

Dragon Lair

Black Wolf Spirit

Sunlit Unicorn

Three Wolf Moon

Lone Star

Hallowed Harmony


Break Through Tiger

Big Cat Collage

Fighting Rexes

Rainbow Unicorn

If, for any reason, you wanted to pay top dollar for any of these rather than visit your local truck stop then there is hope -- all of these sweeties, and more, can be found at Mythically Speaking.

God Bless


  1. who doesn't love the wolf howling at the moon--but three wolves? i think my head just exploded.

  2. I know what t-shirt page I will be bookmarking. I mean, look at all those cats on the cat collage. I wouldn't be caught dead not wearing one.

  3. I'm speechless....its all too much for me to take in.....its, beautiful. (eyes starting to glisten with tears)

  4. I am pretty sure the "Three Wolf Moon" shirt was the official off-field jersey for my high school football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball teams.

  5. Not only great shirts to wear around, but these could be AMAZING band names. No longer will I need to struggle finding the right mascot for my band and design a t-shirt. Watch out world, Dragonfire will be in concert this fall!

  6. Hahaha "Break Through Tiger."

    I'm pretty sure I wore half of these in junior high. I lived in wolf t-shirts and overalls. And glow-in-the-dark ying yang friendship necklaces.

    Heeheehee. God bless, indeed.

  7. I have been looking for a wolf tee shirt. Where do i get it?

  8. If you are still undecided about Three Wolf Moon:


  9. Ok, this is pretty mind blowing. The 3 Wolf Moon might be his masterpiece but I could dig a cat ripping out of my chest.

  10. those would go so great with those tight little white shorts you and anthony used to wear all the time.

  11. I owned a shirt that looks suspiciously like the unicorn and rainbow around third grade. On another topic.... Did you know there is actually a Zufelt family in our ward in Rexburg? I haven't met them yet, but I automatically feel some sort of friendship due to the last name.

  12. Anthony here. We saw a Merlin wizard shirt at a castle gift shop in France the other day. We tried to get it for you, but all they had left was XXL. We'll keep looking.

  13. well Anthony, if there is any truth to the notion that it is the thought that counts, you have donee your duty, and I should say thanks.

    However, I don't buy into that malarkey, especially when dealing with a wearable wizard, so by all means KEEP LOOKING.

    Although at the present rate an XXL should be the right size. If the shirt won't come to you...go to the shirt...am I right?

  14. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I recognize the 'Black Wolf Spirit' picture. Unless the artist gave you permission, the manufacture's of that shirt are stealing artwork. The original artwork is by a wonderful artist on http://deviantart.com