Wars and Windmills

06 July 2009



I am impressed with how many were guessed. Well played.

1. 3:10 to Yuma
2. Aliens
3. Gangs of New York
4. Joe vs The Volcano
5. The Professional (Leon)
6. Magnolia
7. Se7en
8. The Aviator
9. The Royal Tenenbaums
10. V for Vendetta
11. 2001: A Space Odyssey
12. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
13. A Clockwork Orange
14. Capote (this one was mean...there aren't any hints in the still AT ALL...mea culpa)
15. Lawrence of Arabia
16. There Will Be Blood
17. Punch Drunk Love
18. Silence of the Lambs
19. Edward Scissorhands
20. The Shawshank Redemption
21. The Fall (again a rather cruel choice)
22. I Heart Huckabees
23. Primer
24. Psycho
25. Predator

Good times. Can anyone tell me what director was used most?


  1. Mark Clements11:57 PM


  2. Hmm. Yeah, I don't think I could have gotten a few of those. Even though they were movies I've seen. Good show my friend.

    Oh, yeah. Go see Moon. It is great. In fact, I might buy the poster. Because I love both of them equally.