Wars and Windmills

23 January 2010

The Phantom Menace: A Review

My friend Scott told me about this. He has always been someone with a preternatural ability to hone in on all things stellar, and he has done it again.

I am posting this just in case there are people out there who haven't seen it. It is a stellar review deconstructing the many many issues that thwart what could have been the best film of my adult life. It certainly was the most anticipated. Can you imagine if that film was done right? I bet there wouldn't be a war in Iraq right now, my child wouldn't ever have had to worry about cancer, because it would be cured, and I wouldn't swear so much.

This guy, whomever he is, has put into words what many of us have felt for years; he found discrepancies that I never would have thought of, but are so true that once pointed out, I felt as though I had known them my whole life.

The presentation may strike some as odd, and isn't for those who find some swearing to be offensive. For me, I think he has done it like this for a reason, and swearing has never bothered me.









  1. Briliant. Even with his weird psychotic tangents, it was worth every minute...making me laugh out loud while cringing with pain of watching the Cluster unfold under that amazing scrutiny. Truly, truly tragic. But great find.

  2. Kudos to Scott for having found this. I thought it was done really well.
    After watching I was shocked to think that they seemed to have written the script as they went along. How do you just "wing it" on a movie this important???? Darren, you made a great point when you said that you wouldn't have ever thought about certain issues, but once revealed they were so true that they almost seemed familiar. Couldn't agree more. I really enjoyed this. Great post.

  3. I can't think of a better use of time that I should have spent working.