Wars and Windmills

06 September 2010


I listen to these as though by doing so I am guaranteed salvation.  Evidence suggests there may be more to salvation than devotion to stellar podcasts, but I am hoping it will at least help.

What others am I missing, just in case?


  1. The Best Show on WFMU, hosted by Tom Scharpling. You can either DL the full, three-hour show every week or subscribe to the Best Show Gems 'cast that features the great phony call-ins from Jon Wurster.

  2. Nice call...I am sure that salvation can be facilitated by listening to these. The only thing I find lacking here is some AM Coast-to-Coast podcast. We all need a little more planet x, shadowpeople, and Jersey Devil discussion in our diets.

  3. I really like the Diane Rehm Show, she does great interviews and the subjects are almost always compelling.

    Speaking of Faith is another really interesting one that's fabulous with interesting topics like Einstein's God.

    I will be adding the two you listed to my list!

  4. Mormon Stories by John Dehlin.

    This is a must listen old friend. Do it and do it now.