Wars and Windmills

01 September 2010


The idea is simple. The whole movie was divided into 15-second segments. Fans could then go and claim a segment and film it in which ever way their nerdy selves so desired, and then it was pieced back together.

I must admit that I was a little concerned that the segments and mostly the cuts between them would make for a disjointed and unpleasant viewing experience. I was wrong and found my lack of faith disturbing.

In earnest, on some level we all love Star Wars. Some love it more. Some love it most. Those in the latter category have a shallow pool in which to draw what I will call 'socially expectable' avenues in which to proclaim and manifest their devotion. Most attempts are met with the pure-gold vitriol of say, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from Conan O'Brien.

No more. Uncut has given these nerds the outlet they so deserve and they even won a little award called Emmy for their troubles.

So, after you get back from the Tosche station with your power converters, watch the whole thing here: Star Wars Uncut.


  1. My mind is blown! Like Death Star blown! I'm going to watch the whole thing later. I'm already planning on making my 15 second segment for Empire. Maybe I'll make a few. I can't stand how sweet this is.

  2. let me know what you think. there is some sweetness in there.