Wars and Windmills

12 January 2012

Listen to The Shins New Song

I am excited. For those of you that haven't heard the new single from the Shins, steer on over to this "Simple Song" minisite to take a gander. The HTML5 reel-to-reel player is actually a super impressive heap of code. The volume knob works, the meters jump with the music, and the tape reels transfer sides as the song progresses.

This is a good track, not stellar, but a strong showing. It is missing the depth and bliss of say "New Slang", or "Celibate Life". Still, I am excited for the new album because if it is anything like the following gems, we are in for treats.

New Slang

Celibate Life

Pink Bullets

So Says I

Kissing the Lipless


  1. I dig the new song but you're right. i'm not into it as much as old stuff. And that reel player is badical. I kept watching it.

    Also, good to see you back in the blog-o-schmear.

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