Wars and Windmills

20 May 2012

The Avengers

It is, quite simply, the best. I've seen it twice and can't stop thinking about it.

I was going to wax on and on about it, but the film critic HULK (one of my favorite not only because he writes as the HULK, but also he is very very good at watching movies) does it much better, so instead I add a link and an amen.




(I also recommend following the link to his New Yorker article about the Hulk.)


  1. Seriously, how did Joss Whedon just nail this movie? I mean I know he's good and I expected it to be fun and well done but I didn't expect being blown away.

    I have not had this much fun in a movie in forever. I, too, can't stop thinking about it. I anticipate seeing it a 3rd time. Though Moonrise Kingdom comes out next weekend and I'm beyond stoked for that.

    Somehow, we need to figure out seeing the next Avengers together. Or Iron Man 3 or something.

    There needs to be a future nerding out and meeting of babies.

    Just staring each other in the face and saying, "Hey, we're alive."

  2. Agreed James.

    In my wildest nerd dreams I couldn't have concocted a better summer movie list. Pick one and lets get planning.

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